We live on a conscious planet that is innately intelligent and inherently alive. We are part of its evolutionary journey. Dr. Jude Currivan, has detailed the 13.8-billion-year story of Gaia, where everything in existence has inherent meaning and evolutionary purpose. The insights gleaned in this science-packed manuscript, take us on a journey from simplicity to ever-greater complexity, diversity, and self-awareness. The insights gleaned in this science-packed manuscript, blended with the Indigenous wisdom of our esteemed guest, are sure to take us on a journey of profound revelation and a deepening relationship with the Earth. From protons to planets, plants, and people—prepare yourself for a beautiful, profoundly resonant, and deeply moving story of Gaia. 



Dr. Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, and author of the best-selling and award-winning book, The Cosmic Hologram. Jude just published The Story of Gaiawhich has inspired this series: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of our Conscious Planet.


Dr. Anita Sanchez, has spent four decades weaving indigenous wisdom and modern science to support individuals, business and non-profit leaders, and their teams all over the world. A truly inspiring speaker, Dr. Sanchez is author of seven books, including the international bestselling and award winning, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.”

Anita is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Evolutionary Leaders, and the Evolutionary Business Council. She’s a Board member of Bioneers and the Pachamama Alliance. 

For more information about Dr. Julie go to: JulieKrull.com

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