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“You are invited to step outside of fear and anxiety and create beauty, peace and healing for yourself and the world.”

Fractured Grace is a prescription for individual and collective healing—a resounding call for wholeness in today’s escalating state of chaos, separation and fear. With a unique and intimate journey into the author’s own healing process, from an early childhood Near-Death Experience to a freak accident with several broken bones, you are invited to step outside of an outdated worldview to create more beauty, peace and healing for yourself and the world.

Dr. Julie Krull offers an impassioned spiritual perspective on global healing and the evolution of consciousness. She demonstrates how an illusion of separation is the root cause of wide-spread pain, suffering, and even necessary whole-systems breakdown in every aspect of life. Fractured Grace breaks through that illusion and inspires a return to wholeness. Krull challenges the understanding of popular, fragmented models of healing and crisis response, and moves you into a grounded place of hope and clarity, helping you create the conditions for individual and collective healing to occur. She weaves personal stories, current events, and prophetic vision to lay the foundation for deep and regenerative systemic transformation and change. Her masterful story-telling and authentic voice, inspire and enliven the path to wholeness and the reclamation of your inherent unity. Her down-to-earth, palatable approach invites you to explore new concepts and expand your consciousness.

Fractured Grace is based on Dr. Julie’s thirty-plus-year career as a healer, spiritual teacher, and psychotherapist, working with individuals, groups and organizations, interviewing and working with hundreds of evolutionary leaders, and drawing on her own mystical experiences. The book reveals how the radical application of a heart-based, soul-centric lens can calm your mind, heal your body, create sustained peace, and jump our interconnected, whole-living-system to a higher order.

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“explore new concepts, expand consciousness and heed the call to wholeness”

Foreword by Andrew Harvey

“The message is crucial, the voice is authentic, and the result is endearing and provocative.”

The time for Fractured Grace is NOW! The world is waiting and ready to receive this book with the necessary medicine of inspiration, resources and a reparative blueprint.

We live in dark, destructive times. With escalating political chaos, natural disasters, environmental degradation, widespread famine, species extinction, and continued catastrophic conflict in the middle east, there has been a disorienting shift that is undeniable. Many are left confused, if not hopeless and in despair. Others are angry, afraid, and anxious. Yet many others are still asleep, under the spell of denial, ignorance, false hope, and the illusion of separation. If you feel that the world has gone mad, continue reading. You have a precious resource in your hands—an antidote for the debilitating consequences of this malignant disconnection.

Death precedes birth. Sometimes things need to die and fall apart for new things to be born. During this time of unprecedented social and institutional collapse and the dismantling of the ego’s stronghold, Dr. Julie invites us to remember our own divine consciousness and the sacredness of all creation as a midwife of the soul—helping us to birth something brand new in our lives and in the world. She eloquently redirects us inward as the only way through this treacherous, narrow path, which potentially can become an evolutionary birth canal.

Dr. Julie is a modern-day mystic with an evolutionary heart that’s on fire. She was born for these times—pulled by the mystery and unfolding of creation. She brings a calm presence of equanimity that helps escort us through this crucial, yet dangerous, portal. In these pages, she blends intimate and personal experiences, her professional knowledge, and a grounded sense of spiritual wisdom with her mystic’s heart. Her language, endearing stories, poetic prose, and piercing truths tap into our soul and take us deeper into our own journey. This down-to-earth, palatable approach invites us to explore new concepts, expand our consciousness, and heed the call to wholeness.

“we are well nourished, left craving and yearning for more with each page we turn”

As an author, Dr. Julie has an uncommon ability to take big, complicated concepts and ideas, and break them into savory bite-size pieces we can comprehend, assimilate and digest. Here, we are well nourished, left craving and yearning for more with each page we turn. Unknowingly, we find ourselves in the space between words and worlds, inspired to open to our expanded potential and deepest creativity. She offers a unique synthesis of science and spirituality, the mystical and the ordinary, first-hand healing and current world events, reasoning and prophetic visioning, and painful, raw emotion mixed with tender moments of grace. We witness her continual process of turning within again and again. It reminds us of the vast treasure-trove of wisdom we all have that lies dormant until it is tapped.

My deepest hope for humanity is that everybody, all of us, wake up to the Source within. It doesn’t matter what we call the Source. We must wake up to the fact that we have on the earth an immense repository of resources and simple practices from all the traditions, which are available to us right now. As we learn to access this divine Source, it’s liberating. We become clearer, more compassionate, more courageous, more humble, and fierce. Finding the Source within can tune us to the truth, show us who we are, and reveal our beauty, connection and wholeness. We can see and experience the divine in everyone, everything and every situation.

Fractured Grace encourages us to develop this practice and stabilize a spacious consciousness that is not reactive, but accessible and responsive. This creates the conditions for our innate, in-born healing capacity to come forward. It is vital that we see ourselves with this inner capacity to be sourced in the divine in order to activate our deepest creativity. There are tools, there are ways forward, and there are definite ways of changing the broken systems and structures. Don’t be threatened by paralysis and meaninglessness that can set in with overwhelm. Get going. Dare to be well informed, on all levels, and embrace this change as an adventure.

We cannot do this on our own. Start gathering with true colleagues, true people with whom you can have profound relationships—for companionship and mutual nourishment—but most importantly for inspired action. Create Circles of Grace. If you want to be happy, serve and serve together. What is more joyful than accessing our deepest creativity? What is more joyful than helping those around us in meaningful ways? What is more joyful than offering the world inspiration and hope? This global crisis is our opportunity to create lasting change. And this change is a glorious opportunity to live more splendidly, more bravely, more courageously, and more passionately. If we do this work, we will be rewarded by the wine of bliss that will be poured out directly for us by the Beloved (Rumi).

You’re in for a treat. This book reads with the mystery, intrigue, and suspense usually found in a good fiction novel. The enlightened approach sprinkles the pages with medicine for the soul. Pearls of wisdom, comfort, encouragement, and sound support meet you where you are and invite you to step into real, meaningful sacred activism. The message is crucial, the voice is authentic, and the result is endearing and provocative. As many seekers reach for guidance, tools, and leadership to help make sense of a world falling apart, and to prepare for the next best steps forward, this book is one of those resources and Dr. Julie is one of those leaders.

What Readers are Saying

“engaging, enlightening, and highly recommended”

In her book, Fractured Grace, Julie Krull weaves together stories from her personal experience, inner guidance, and embodied wisdom to create a rich tapestry that is illuminating and uplifting. Her insights and probing questions for self-reflection inspire us to know ourselves as “connected, whole, and free.” This book is engaging, enlightening, and highly recommended for those who are committed to making a positive contribution to the shift from self-centered to whole-centered consciousness that is so needed at this time.

~ Carolyn P Anderson, co-author of The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 and co-founder of Global Family and Hummingbird Transformational Living Center   

“a loving invitation to leap forward into unitive consciousness”

The angels have a message for you, and Julie Krull is the messenger. Having lived a timeless, universal, archetypal journey of healing and transformation, she is doing what is asked of her – sharing her truth.

Her voice is strong, clear, and comforting; her feeling of universal oneness with everyone is an embrace of warmth that helps us feel that same truth.

Being the recipient of grace in our lives is a matter of aligning with the Divine, she says. With a loving invitation to leap forward into such a unitive consciousness, she provides the means for us to do that. In part, it is through intentional heart connection to and resonance with others.

Healing from her broken leg is an apt metaphor of how we heal from our collective wound. Our fractured world will heal only when each of us, as the cells of the collective human body, assist the natural healing of the world by creating the right conditions for a broad spectrum healing to occur. Heed her call to wholeness, and enjoy her lovely and timely message: where there is brokenness, there is also much hope, especially when all of our actions are for the good of the whole.

~ Robert Atkinson, Author of The Story of Our Time

“wonder-full, timely and pragmatic companion and guide”

In days of ease, when love and joy flow freely, we can intuitively sense and experience the wholeness of life and existence itself. Yet in moments of difficulty, fear and pain, the separate appearance of the world, can convince us of its and our isolation. How do we re-member instead its innate unity expressed in diversity, even in the most challenging circumstances? Fractured Grace is based on author Julie Krull’s life-long exploration of the nature of reality itself, and having along the way, experienced numerous such times of struggle. The book is a wonder-full, timely and pragmatic companion and guide to inspire and empower us, even during the most fracturing events of our lives, to ‘ground the force of love as our connective tissue’ and experience and embody the grace that is our divine birth-right.

~ Dr. Jude Currivan, cosmologist and author of The Cosmic Hologram

“a loving guide to heal ourselves and our world”

From the personal to the profound, from self-shame to sacred-awakening, Dr. Julie takes us on her own healing journey as a loving guide to heal ourselves and our world. If your bones or your spirit is broken, you can emerge whole and strong by engaging with the wisdom of Fractured Grace.

~ Marian Head, author of Revolutionary Agreements and founder of Agreements Institute

“a fortuitous traveling companion”

This is a deeply personal book. If you are one of extreme experiences and compelling vacillations between grounded scientific ways of knowing and unboundaried arenas of the mystical, this will be a significant book for you.  Adventurous souls, who feel called to strip everything away and still ask question after question, will find Dr. Julie Krull a fortuitous traveling companion.  It’s good that seasoned travelers share how they learned to “enter through the narrow door” and discover their Healing and Wisdom. This is a complete life journey which one must believe happened for a purpose—maybe so you could read this book.

~ Kurt Johnson Ph.D., co-author of The Coming Interspiritual Age and Fine Lines.

“medicine for an ailing humanity”

This book is presented as medicine for an ailing humanity—a way to come to our senses and reconnect with the life-force of wholeness in ourselves, in nature, and in the universe, writ large. Through the author’s own personal experiences with separation and disconnection—ranging from a Near Death Experience to a bone-shattering accident—a sensitivity to life and an appreciation of its allowance, forgiveness, and vital grace is shared through an inspirational and informed narrative. By focusing on the regenerative resilience inherent in ourselves and in all of life, we are invited to draw on reserves of wisdom in and beyond ourselves, in wholeness and integral connection with a universe that fosters dynamics of coherent emergence. Appreciation and gratitude swell from this reading, inviting personal exploration of the practices involved in cultivating the competencies and sense-abilities used to connect with and create patterns of consonant emergence with the life-embracing forces of evolution.

~ Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D., President, Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science; Director of Research, Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research; 57th President, International Society for the Systems Sciences

“overflows with generosity, love, knowledge and wisdom”

In Fractured Grace, Julie Krull takes the reader on a healing journey of the soul, skillfully revealing how the full and honoring experience of fracture and fragmentation is also the essence of our individual and collective medicine. Masterfully weaving her own personal story with rich inter-disciplinary knowledge and tools, she offers practical healing maps for readers to navigate their own evolutionary journey towards wholeness. The book bridges the most personal with the global and the mystical realms, inviting reflection as to the patterns that weave in parallel between these dimensions. Following the mysterious workings of Source through her own lived experience, the reader is invited to join Julie as she struggles to surrender to the challenges she encounters. It is in this relentless and resourceful pursuit of making meaning of their messages that she discovers their hidden gifts. Through this devoted, authentic encounter with her unacknowledged radiance, as well as the constriction of her own psyche, body, emotions and spirit that she is able to decipher these cryptic clues and consciously integrate more and more parts of herself. The book overflows with generosity, love, knowledge and wisdom and with an unwavering signature of service to the Good of the Whole.

~ Shelley Ostroff, Ph.D., author of A Testament of Now and founder of Together in Creation

“move from fearful vulnerabilities to courageous breakthroughs to planetary solutions”

Fractured Grace invites us to explore a conscious, collective healing journey through the personal experiences of a master storyteller. Visionary Julie Krull compassionately takes our hand and encourages us to dig deep within, to find our own authentic expressions, and to move from fearful vulnerabilities to courageous breakthroughs to planetary solutions. This is a must read for everyone who yearns to have hope, heal, and return to our inherent Wholeness!

~ Dr. Linda Linker Rosenthal, mentoring steward for Good of the Whole and author of The Seven Chakra Sisters

“masterfully weaving her profound wisdom with the latest discoveries in multi-dimensional healing and the evolution of consciousness”

This treasure of a book inspires the reader to open to the grace that is always present in challenging situations. Julie intimately shares from her personal experiences, masterfully weaving her profound wisdom with the latest discoveries in multi-dimensional healing and the evolution of consciousness. She inspires the reader to take a journey of deep reflection and vulnerable honesty to discover the hidden jewel that is being gifted by the wisdom of the soul.

~ Katharine Roske, co-author of The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 and co-founder of Hummingbird Community

“fostering our resilience and to be our best selves”

Fractured Grace takes us through journeys within ourselves, exploring pathways to heal and be whole. Julie Krull invites all of us to inquire, connects us to many sources of learning and creates spaces for us to reflect deeply. She inspires us as she shares her own experiences and interpretations, fostering our resilience and to be our best selves.

~ Dr. Monica Sharma, author of Radical Transformational Leadership

“wonderful narratives and essential wisdom for the birthing of a future that is waiting to be born”

Julie Krull is a brilliant storyteller as she weaves so many layers of meaning and connective wisdom in her beautiful book “Fractured Grace”. This inspiring book invites you to explore the fractures of our wounded humanity in a way that is both deeply personal and at the same time finely tuned to our collective evolutionary healing right now. Julie Krull invites us into the ruptures of our dysfunctional dualistic worldview by showing us how it is precisely in those ruptures and fractured perceptions that the Light enters, to remind us of our innate wholeness and unity. This book offers wonderful narratives and essential wisdom for the birthing of a future that is waiting to be born, as we step up and into our wholeness of Being. “Fractured Grace” is a sacred gift to inspire, remember and actualize our evolutionary gifts for the Good of the Whole.

~ Anneloes Smitsman, PhD(c), author of Love Letters from Mother Earth and founder of EARTHwise Centre

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