Clients, Students and Colleagues

Virginia Lilley
Dear Dr. Julie,
I cannot thank you enough for all of your abundant Love, Light, Guidance, and Support throughout this deeply beautiful process of deep transformation…words cannot really express all that it has added immeasurably to my relationships in life, love, and spiritual growth. Thank you, thank you, dear Julie! You are truly a profound, insightful Spirit-Woman, who deeply facilitates soul-rebirth through a guided path of personal cathartic expression, that rises like a Phoenix out of the beautiful compost of everyday life experience, and brings deep heart-healing through conscious mindful focus, as well as, individual artistic expression. I will continue to use this beautiful process and carry this blazing fire of revitalized soul vision throughout the rest of my life…blessings, love, peace, and humble gratitude! I cannot Thank You enough, Julie, for helping me, and all of the amazing women in our group find new ways of expressing freely…our inner fire…our unconditional, profound, and loving Goddess Energy ~ Who We Truly Are! Strong, yet gentle! Expressive, yet silent! Illuminated, yet holding the dark! Supportive, yet allowing! Women of Spirit, yet fully human!
These past twelve weeks have been an amazing journey…a journey of newly formed friendship and hope, healing and love, compassion and deep caring. My heart is full…My soul speaks once again! I am forever grateful! Namaste, Julie ~ in deepest honor…from my heart to yours. ♥♥!
Virginia Lilley

Maryanne Mesple
When I responded to Dr. Julie’s invitation to join a group, I had no idea the gift I was about to experience. I am not a newbie to Spirituality, to one’s personal journey of self-discovery. I have done extensive studies in the genre of self-help. I am well educated in theory and practice of meditation, NLP, EFT, Dream work, Jungian Psychology, Journal writing etc. Dr. Julie guides all her Beautiful Composting participants with expertise and the open format for communicating and sharing with one another (students/teacher/guide) is very growth provoking. The whole process opened up and exposed areas within that I secretly kept hidden. With all my “book smarts”, all my so called wisdom, I was not allowing myself to truly experience who I was and integrate the All of me fully until I did some serious composting in the gardens of my body, mind, and soul.
Thank you Dr. Julie for showing me that sometimes growing a beautiful garden takes more than just reading a lot of books and planting a few select seeds. Growing our gardens is about getting in the dirt, digging deep, scattering ourselves, our seeds everywhere and inviting the light to shine into all the cracks and crevices and using our own selves as the fodder, the food for true, expansive, personal growth .
Big Hugs,
Maryanne Mesple

Christina A.
When I joined the group toward the end of an eventful year, I was pretty overwhelmed, exhausted, and unfocused. I knew it was time to invest in myself before anything else if I was going to accomplish anything. I thought this journey would help me learn new ways to relax while spending some pleasant time being creative. It proved to be much more than I could have ever imagined. Several weeks into the journey, when unhealed old wounds were brought back to the surface, I remember thinking, “I really don’t need this. That’s not what I signed up for!” Of course, this only made me invest even more since it was the time to deal with my issues. Slowly, without even realizing when it happened, about 3 weeks later, these wounds were healed. The healing of old wounds, although a major accomplishment in itself, was not all. Throughout this journey I also learned how to fully accept myself, be kinder to myself and others, let go of judgment and blame, be open to the beauty surrounding me, and believe in myself. I notice all these in my everyday life: when I wake up and my thoughts are happy, when I relate to my family and other people, when I sit all by myself with my thoughts, when I work. This journey has changed my life in very beautiful ways. Dr. Julie is an amazing person, and I am forever grateful for everything she has done. I don’t know what is the price of getting your life back the way you always imagined it… but this is what this journey has done for me.
Thank you Dr. Julie!!!
Cristina A.
Paula Bertucci
For anyone out there considering taking Julie’s class or grouop…
as Nike once advertised… JUST DO IT!
These past three months have been the most amazing growth experience for me that I wish I had been offered 30 years ago. But as they say, timing is everything and when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear. And that’s just what she did. YOU will not find a better facilitator or teacher for this journey. Julie is one of the most Loving beings walking this earth. You won’t be disappointed. And you will learn some amazing things about yourself as well as tools to help you uncover those blocks you’ve been storing or think you’ve buried that need to get unstuck and simply go away. If you want to experience renewed enjoyment in your everyday life… some tools for helping you reach your goals, then join the journey… have some fun with it… Be willing to listen and hear what’s being shared… offer your thoughts… just let go. Just do it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
Namaste… love, light and happiness,
Paula Bertucci






“A masterful co-creator with the capacity to lead change.” ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard






“The wisest person I know.” ~ Paul Baglyos


“I think my favorites words to describe Dr. Julie are:
▪ Thought- provoking
▪ Forward-thinking
▪ Life-changing
▪ Nurturing
▪ Challenging
▪ Genuine
I have driven 2 ½ hours each direction to be able to work with Julie. I am comforted by her honest manner, nurturing ways and spiritual foundation. Dr. Julie Krull has made a difference in my life. I think of Julie when I see this bible verse:
‘May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart by pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.’ – Psalm 19:14
I do not doubt that Julie is an instrument of His good works.”
~ Laurie, Client
“My regard for what Julie Krull brings to my therapeutic experience is echoed by other people who have heard of her work or worked with her personally. There is a uniform response that speaks to something unique in what I see as intentional and essential in her work–the ability to connect and share her own experiences to the difficulties I’m working through while keeping that essential therapeutic distance that allows me to arrive at my own perspective shifts. ”
~ Allison, Client
I met Julie about 10 years ago when I was going through a lot of painful things in my life. She helped me to harness my thoughts into a positive reality that has been nothing but a life and mind saver. She helped me realize that I can live in the moment, ask myself the questions in life that really matter, and then apply them. Knowing her has been a blessing. Wonderful Julie. My soul sister.
Big huge hug!!! me ♪♫♪♫
~ Wanda, Client
It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Julie saved my life. When we met, I was broken—a 21-year-old who had given up on life and any chance of healing. Dr. Julie never tried to pry information out of me. She never talked down to me, or attempted to pin a label or diagnosis on me. Instead, she approached every session and every moment we spent together with an open mind and a hopeful heart. I truly believe that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason, and that the people we encounter are not there by accident. Dr. Julie gave me something I needed, helped me fill a part of myself that was missing, gave me the courage to get up, dust myself off, and give life another try. We all come to this earth with an ultimate goal, and are presented with options and choices to help us achieve it. When life gets chaotic and confusing, it is because we have gotten off course somehow, yet there are always signs and guideposts to help us get back where we need to be, if only we take time to see them.

Thank you, Dr. Julie, for being a beacon in the darkness, and for helping the rest of us find a way to rekindle our own light.
Love, Lori






“Julie is a powerful and uniquely qualified mentor.” ~ June Steiner