Navigating Change in a Post-Pandemic World

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What in The World Is Going On?

Fear. Anxiety. Chaos. Crisis. Division. Change!

The world and workplace are undergoing radical transformation everywhere you look. Systems and structures that we’ve counted on are breaking down and the pandemic has pushed us to look at how we live, work, and relate with one another and all life. Yet, there’s another story—filled with hope and healing—that you may not be hearing. In this introductory talk, Dr. Julie will weave new science and universal wisdom to explain what in the world is going on. Learn how radical change must be welcomed and cultivated during these transformative times. Leave feeling uplifted as you experience how beauty, peace, and healing are emerging everywhere on the planet and how you, too, can be a part of building a world and workplace that works for everyone.

My Intention

In times of unprecedented, radical change, the intention of my speaking and mentoring is to prepare and equip leadership to LEAD the change in a post-pandemic world. My comprehensive programs and thought-provoking topics will expand awareness and tap into your personal and collective potential. I will introducing cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, the role of consciousness, emerging global trends, and a practical roadmap for navigating transformative times.

My Format

Leaders in all walks of life have unique demands on time and energy. Forecasting, adapting to change, and prioritizing regenerative thrivability, are not easy with the day-to-day workload. My approach condenses whole system leadership development and training with exceptional, evolutionary experiences, and cutting-edge material to accelerate conscious expansion in a meaningful  way. The goal is strategic, with collective transformation and remarkable breakthroughs accessible in navigating change.

The design entails a deep-dive into the material with an experiential approach to active learning. Optional Q & A, practice sessions, and time to integrate the new concepts and consciousness are encouraged. This allows for the time and spaciousness needed to experience, engage, embody, and express new leadership capacities, both individually and as a collective. In this way, leading change happens organically, from the inside out.

Every session includes material for your heart, head, and hands.

  • HEART: Science-based techniques to relax, open your mind, and expand your heart

  • HEAD: Educational content to learn, expand your mind, and nourish your creativity and curiosity

  • HANDS: The next-now steps to tune in, activate what is yours to do, and catalyze your innate capacities

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