Navigating Change in a Post-Pandemic World

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Dr. Julie's most popular talk: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?

Fear. Anxiety. Chaos. Crisis. Division. Change!

The world is undergoing radical transformation everywhere you look. Systems and structures that we’ve counted on for millennia are breaking down and the pandemic has pushed us to look at how we live, work, and relate with one another and all life. Yet, there’s another story—filled with hope and healing—that you may not be hearing. In this introductory session, Dr. Julie will weave new science and ancient spiritual wisdom to explain what in the world is going on. Learn how radical change must be welcomed and cultivated during these transformative times. We’ll explore consciousness, the illusion of separation, whole system health, and the science of unity and wholeness. Leave feeling uplifted as you experience how beauty, peace, and healing is emerging everywhere on the planet and how you, too, can be a part of building a world that works for everyone.

Transformation and an Evolving World

  • The Science of Connection and Unity
  • Consciousness and a Shifting World
  • Evolution of Consciousness and Evolution Biology
  • Breakdowns and Breakthroughs
  • The butterfly metaphor
  • Introducing the Superorganism and Twelve Traits


What in the world is going on? This introductory session will synthesize new scientific research in consciousness, health, healing, and evolution biology, with a focus on current events. We’ll take a deeper look into the breakdowns and breakthroughs of systems and structures, and the common threads that weave through it all: unity and wholeness. Learn how to navigate the rocky terrain of the current whole-systems transformation. Let go of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and step into your personal and collective mission’s fullest potential.

Developing the Superpower of Swarm Creativity

Swarm Creativity is giving leading-edge organizations a competitive advantage through new forms of collaborative innovation and networking of networks. A trait of superorganisms, swarm creativity enhances an organization’s quality, production, and efficiency in everything from problem solving, design challenges, forecasting, and planning. Now is the time to re-think and re-imagine everything. Swarm creativity is not just for the designers and creatives. Discover how you can use swarm creativity in every aspect of your life and the organizations mission.

The Magic of Reciprocity and Sharing

Reciprocity and sharing are cultural values that can shift a system to a higher order. Generosity and gratitude make sharing contagious. When we give freely, without expectation, the doors of reciprocity open, and we often receive more than we could have imagined. Circulation and the circulatory system are designed with the Law of Reciprocity—designed to move and share freely, so that every individual gets precisely what they need. When a system withholds, the health of the system and the individuals within it suffer. Learn how reciprocity and sharing can be an integral part of your culture, corporate wellness, and thrivability.

How to Create Harmony, Resonance and a State of Coherence

In this session, we will explore how all the individual, diverse parts of a system work together in harmony and resonance for the good of the whole. We’ll explore the powerful science of resonance, coherence, and presence of the heart. This is not only a dynamic prescription for individual, cultural, and planetary health, but more specifically, our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Learn how to increase creativity, intuition, memory, and recall, while naturally improving physical health and the body’s ability to heal. Now imagine that every individual employee is a healthy cell within the organizational body. The individual’s health is the health of the whole and the organization’s health is the health of every individual within it. Learn to work with synergy, resonance, and coherence to amplify your mission and level up your global impact.

How to Embody Inherent UNITY

The key to personal, cultural, and planetary health is understanding our inherent unity and wholeness. We will review the recent research and develop a corporate wellness prescription that aligns with the evolution of consciousness. Everything, when seen through the lens of wholeness, changes dramatically. Learn to embody and express your greatest assets while “being (and leading) the change you wish to see in the world.”

How to Live on the Creative Edge

Evolution and growth happen on the edge and are essential for all life. Without this growth, things die. Superorganisms teach us to keep our awareness at the edge. There’s no need to battle the dense status quo. Look toward the fringes, the marginal, the outskirts, and periphery. Life senses and responds to change in the moment, when and where it occurs. Every adaptation begins with a mutant and every innovation begins with a spark. In this session we will play with our own creative edge and spark a greater sense of navigating change.

A Whole New You, Co-Creating a Whole New World

  • Harnessing Your Individual and Collective Superpowers
  • What’s Emerging and Emergent?
  • Unique Purpose Meets Eco-Evolutionary Purpose
  • Codes for a Healthy Earth


In this session, we introduce a real, applicable, and simplistic plan to integrate conscious, evolutionary concepts. As you align with the designing intelligence of the Universe and simple Laws of Nature, all will become clear. When you sense the oneness, you cannot not want to contribute to the health of the whole. In this session, you’ll leave with the most powerful learning tool of all—the roadmap for whole-system health. In our time together, we will co-create greater personal and corporate wellness, evolutionary purpose, and successful navigation tools for change in the post-pandemic world.

How to Perpetuate Whole-System Health for Future Generations

All superorganisms invest in regenerative value and the health of future generations. They perpetuate health of the WHOLE and greater life for future generations by spilling the value they create out to the larger ecosystem to feed the life that feeds them. We will explore these two traits and how they relate to both personal, vocational, and organizational wellness, global purpose, and expanded organizational success. Learn why the buzz about sustainability is no longer enough. Develop regenerative strategies for yourself, the organization, and the world around you. Actualize cooperative communities that care for all life and future generations.

Serving a Higher Shared Purpose

The shared purpose of your company aligns with a shared purpose of your clients’ and customers’ needs and interest. It also must be the shared purpose of every individual within the organization, regardless of their position. Higher shared purpose asks, what can we do to serve the greater whole beyond the organization—Earth and all its inhabitants—to create even greater health and success for the future? How can we create the conditions conducive to the healthy life of our organizations and the future This extends to each individual member of the organization, their families and communities, clients, as well as the greater whole. In this session, we’ll explore what higher shared purpose means for you and your work team, and how it relates to personal and cultural health and wellness.

Exploring Distributive Leadership

Many new leadership models are emerging and poised for a post-pandemic world. Many are inspired by nature, living systems, regenerative practice, and the next stage of human consciousness. This includes the role of self-organizing employee cultures. In this session we will review various models and look at a leadership trait that is unique to superorganisms. Learn underlying design principles found in mature ecological systems and explore nature-inspired ways to lead your personal life, your team, and the organization forward.

Developing Collective Intelligence

Living systems harvest and rely on collective intelligence. Many groups and organizations are developing methods and practices to access collective intelligence. Collective intelligence helps to evolve ideas, solve problems, and provide direction, that would otherwise be tenuous when done alone or within a small fraction of an organization. In this session, we will explore the basics of collective intelligence and move into the “We Space” phenomenon as it relates to personal and cultural wellness.

Leveraging Mutual Support

In a healthy forest, large trees share water and nutrients through their extensive root network to younger saplings. This is essential for future growth as young trees do not receive enough sunlight for adequate photosynthesis. Many examples of mutual support and aid exist in the natural world. Learn how self-organizing, cooperative communities are replacing the old model of competing for resources. Mutual aid is a foundation of whole systems health.

My Intention

In times of unprecedented, radical whole-systems change, the intention of my speaking and teaching is to prepare and equip leadership to navigate change in a post-pandemic world. My comprehensive program and topics will expand awareness and tap into our personal and collective evolutionary potential by introducing cutting-edge science, ancient spiritual wisdom, the role of consciousness, emerging global trends, and a practical roadmap for navigating transformative times.

My Format

Leaders in all walks of life have unique demands on time and energy. Forecasting, adapting to change, and prioritizing regenerative thrivability, is not easy with the day-to-day workload. My approach condenses whole system leadership development and training with exceptional, evolutionary experiences, and cutting-edge material to accelerate conscious expansion in a meaningful  way. The goal is strategic, with collective transformation and remarkable breakthroughs accessible in navigating change.

The design entails a deep-dive into the material with an experiential approach to active learning. Optional Q & A and practice sessions, and time to integrate the new concepts and consciousness are encouraged. This allows for the time and spaciousness needed to experience, engage, embody, and express new leadership capacities, both individually and as a collective. In this way, leading change happens organically, from the inside out.

Every session includes material for your heart, head, and hands.

  • HEART: Science-Based Practices – relax, open your mind, and expand your heart
  • HEAD: Educational Content – learn, expand your mind, and nourish your creativity and curiosity
  • HANDS: The Next-Now Steps – tune in, activate what is yours to do, and catalyze your innate capacity to live for the good of the whole

Call or email Dr. Julie to discuss what program is right for your event: 308-830-0296 or email Email Us HERE