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February 1, 2017:  Gender Equality and Religious Freedom in Today’s Tumultuous Landscape, with William Keepin  (Belonging to God)  #AllThingsConnected

January 25, 2017:  What can the 12 Archangels Teach us About Heaven on Earth? with Belinda Womack  #AllThingsConnected

January 18, 2017:  What Can we Learn from Cherokee Wisdom? with Cynthia Ruiz  #AllThingsConnected

January 10, 2017:  How Soon is Now with Daniel Pinchbeck  #AllThingsConnected

January 3, 2017:  A Mystical Journey in Consciousness with Deirdre Hade #AllThingsConnected

December 14, 2106:  Navigating Change in Turbulent Times (Part Two) with Sherryl Lin  #AllThingsConnected

November 30, 2016:  Dreaming into our Collective Potential with Quincey Krull

November 23, 2016:  Navigating Change in Turbulent Times with Sherryl Lin

November 16, 2016:  These Times Call for Revolutionary Agreements with Marian Head  #AllThingsConnected

November 9, 2016:  Making Sense of the Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears  #AllThingsConnected

September 14, 2016:  Coaching Fueled by Love with Olympian Jason Dorland

September 7, 2016:  Unleashing the Power of Quantum Thinking with Dr. Amit Goswami

August 31, 2016:  Resolving Pain, Suffering and Trauma with Dr. Richard Miller

August 24, 2016:  Unleashing our Human Potential:  A New Psychology of Well-Being with Richard Barrett

August 17, 2016:  Transcending Religious, Cultural and Political Polarization:  Global Values with Karin Miller

August 10, 2016:  Embodying Spiritual Radiance with David Karchere

July 27, 2016:  Sacred America, Sacred World with Stephen Dinan

July 27, 2015: Peace and Reconciliation with Former Child Soldier, Emmanuel Jal 

July 13, 2016:  Serving the Sacred with Rev. Charles Gibbs

July 6, 2016:  The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment with Marianne Williamson

June 29, 2016:  Giving Birth to New Life with Dr. Christiane Northrup

June 22, 2016: Making Your Mind Matter with Dr. Joe Dispenza

June 8, 2016:  Mindfulness, Loving Kindness and Real Happiness with Sharon Salzberg

June 1, 2016:  A Year of Living Mindfully with Randi Ragan

May 25, 2016:  Game Changers for a New World ~ Leadership as Social Artistry with Jean Houston

May 18, 2016:  Igniting the Woman’s Heart:  Artemis, Women’s Circles and The Sacred Feminine with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

May 11, 2015:  Our World, Our Water, Our Life with Dane Nguahuka Forestspeaker and Shelley Darling of the Mauriora Society

May 4, 2016:  Consciousness, The NFL and Transforming a Culture with David Meggysey

April 27, 2016:  The Ultimate Bio-Psycho-Social-Emotional and Spiritual Elixir:  Transcendental Meditation with Sam Katz

April 6, 2016:  Do All Spiritual Paths Lead to the Same Place? with Dustin DiPerna

March 30, 2016: Undeveloping the Future and Discovering Creative Power with Adam Hall

March 23, 2016: Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture with Mary Pipher

March 16, 2016:  Bringing Peace and Hope in a World of Chaos with Janessa Gans Wilder and the Euphrates Institute

March 9, 2015:  Play Life More Beautifully with Seymour Bernstein and Andrew Harvey

February 2, 2015:  Exploring Harmony and Beauty within the Universe with Nancy Roof

February 24, 2016: Quantum Love and the Energy of Relationships with Dr. Laura Berman

February 17, 2016:  Teachings from God with Courtney Amundson

February 10, 2016:  The Promise Will Be Kept with Barbara Marx Hubbard

January 27, 2016: Can Awakened Consciousness Contribute to Social ChangeSubtle Activism with David Nicol

January 20, 2016:  Dying to Be Me with Anita Moorani

January 6, 2015:  Connecting a Global Community with Todd Jason of The Amplifield

December 30, 2015:  Whatever Arises, Love That with Matt Kahn

December 23, 2015:  Life in the Zone with Scott Ford

December 16, 2015:  Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illnesses and How to Heal with Anthony William

December 9, 2015:  Secrets Behind Food and Health ~ The Food Revolution with Ocean Robbins

December 2, 2015:  Exploring our Living Universe with Duane Elgin

November 26, 2015: Your Heart is Calling ~ Me, Finally with Mitch Tishler

November 18, 2015:   Write/Right from God with Tom Bird

November 3, 2015:  Reawakening Our Earliest Sacred Stories and the Sacred Feminine with Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

October 21, 2015:    Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles ~ The Biology of Belief with Bruce Lipton

October 14, 2015: Connecting with the Millennial Woman with Ann Arnof Fishman

October 7, 2015:  Dynamic Peace and the Joy of Creative Expression with Heather McCloskey Beck

September 30, 2015: Holacracy: A New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World with Brian Robertson

September 23, 2015:  Sustained Change in 2015 with Monica Sharma

September 16, 2015: Resilience of the Heart with Gregg Braden

August 25, 2015:  What the Mystic’s Know with Fr. Richard Rohr

August 18, 2015:  Inspiring Positive Change for Our Most Vulnerable with Terry Grahl with Enchanted Makeovers

July 28, 2015:  Peace, the Evolving Human and an Awakened World with Dr. Barbara Fields with The Association of Global New Thought

July 21, 2015: Teaching Peace, Prosperity and Purpose through the Practice of Forgiveness with Azim Khamisa

June 30, 2015:  Pioneering the Possible with Scilla Elworthy

June 23, 2015:  Cultivating the Relationships We Need to Thrive with Carolyn Baker

June 16, 2015:  The Power of Compassion, Service, and Education: Walk in Their Shoes and buildOn with Jim Ziolkowski

June 9, 2015:  The Science of What Connects Us with Dr. Cassandra Vieten, President/CEO and Dr. Katia Petersen, Executive Director of Education, Institute of Noetic Sciences

June 2, 2015:  One Spirit Medicine ~ Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

May 26, 2015: Earth Calling with Ellen Gunter

May 19, 2015: All Things LOVE and Heart Connection with Brian Hilliard and Arielle Ford

April 21, 2015:  The Conscious Activist with James O’Dea

April 14, 2015:  Feminine Fitness and Body Wisdom with Susan Gala

March 31, 2015:  Origins: Our Roots, Our Planet, Our Future with Pedram Shojai

March 24, 2015: Indie Spiritualist ~ A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality with Chris Grosso

March 17, 2015:  Promoting interfaith cooperation to end religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace with Bishop William Swing, President and Founder, United Religions Initiative

March 10, 2015: 1000 Words That Would Change the World and Global Day of Awakening with Neale Donald Walsch

March 3, 2015: Social and Economic Transformation with Dr. Riane Eisler

February 24, 2015:  Brave New Mind: Living in a Future-Science World with Elliott Maynard

February 17, 2015:  Energy Experiments in Consciousness with Pam Grout

October 28, 2014:  Momas Bringing Peace with Wendy Silvers and the Million Momas Movement

OCTOBER 21, 2014:  Exploring the Interconnected World through Art with Evolutionary Artist of the Spirit, Andre Ferrella

OCTOBER 7, 2014:  The Path of Personal and Spiritual Transformation with Dr. John Welwood

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014:  Aligning with Your Creator Self with Whitney Freya

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014:  Conversations with the Universe with Simran Singh

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014:  Making a Powerful Mind/Body Connection with the PlantPlus Diet Solution and Dr. Joan Borysenko

SEPTEMBER 9, 2014:  The Holy Universe with David Christopher

AUGUST 26, 2014:  Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals with Dr. Linda Bender

AUGUST 19, 2014:  Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks with Author, August Turak

AUGUST 12, 2014:  #StopTheBeautyMadness Campaign: Shocking us into Evolving our Standards with Robin Rice

JULY 29, 2014:  Tuning the Planet with Internationally Acclaimed Musician, Michael Fitzpatrick

JULY 22, 2014:  Dr. Ellen Langer, Harvard Professor and Author of Counter Clockwise, Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility

JULY 15, 2014:  Travel for Change: VolunTourism with Spryte Loriano

JULY 8, 2014:  What in the World is the WE Way? Co-Creating Good, Healthy Relationships with Wendy Foxworth

JULY 1, 2014:  Collective Evolutionary Consciousness with Dr. Ron and Victoria Friedman

JUNE 24, 2014: Daring to Live the Future NOW ~ Walk Out Walk On with Deborah Frieze

JUNE 10, 2014: Cultivating a Co-Creative Culture with Katharine Roske

JUNE 3, 2014: Evolving the Healing Arts ~ Nature’s Self-Organizing, Balanced, and Whole-Systems Prescription with Makasha Roske

MAY 27, 2014: It Takes a Child to WAKE a Village with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Earth Guardians

MAY 20, 2014: From the Information Age into the Intuition Age: Leap of Perception with Penney Pierce

MAY 13, 2014: Peter Melton and The Oneness Sign

MAY 6, 2014: Tough Angels – Ending Gender-Based Violence with Patricia Michael Melnice

MAY 1, 2014: Dr. Julie, Guest Host on The Dr. Pat Show with Linda Linker Rosenthal: Transformation and the Co-Creative Practice

APRIL 29, 2014: Revolutionary Choices: How to Make a Living by Making a Difference with Marian Head

April 15, 2014: Dr. Marilyn Schlitz talks about her new documentary film project with Deepak Chopra, Death Makes Life Possible

April 8, 2014:  Reality Shifters and Quantum Jumps with Cynthia Sue Larson

April 1, 2014: Patrick Kronfli with Unify on the #LoveWater Project

March 25, 2014:  The Great March for Climate Action with marcher, Jimmy Betts

March 18, 2014: The Relationship of our Interconnected Life and Health, with author of The Seven Chakra Sisters, Linda Linker Rosenthal

March 11, 2014: Co-Creating in the Resonant Field ~ A Conversation with Conscious Evolutionaries, Shelley Darling and Nina Patrick

March 4th, 2014: Relationship vs. Connection: Deep Conversation and Reflections with David Ison

February 25, 2014: The Portal of Consciousness: Reflections on Death & Dying with David Ison (In Honor of John Jensen)

February 4, 2014:  What does it mean to CARE for the Soul with David Ison and Dr. Julie

January 28, 2014: Bridging Science, Spirituality and Human Possibility with Dr. Sue Morter

January 21, 2014: The Conscious Evolution Tour: Connecting Humanity One Mile/One Smile at a Time with LightPartners, Dr. Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

January 14, 2014: The Trust Frequency with Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey

January 7, 2014: What in the World is Going On? With Evolution Biologist, Futurist, and Author or EarthDance, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris

December 31, 2013: We are One People, One Planet, One Universe and One Beyond, with Emmanuel Itier, Film Maker and Creator of Femme and The Invocation

December 24, 2013: The Mother/Daughter Connection with Quincey Krull and David Ison

December 19, 2013: Guest Host on The Dr. Pat Show The Personal Creative Journey behind NBC’s New Hit Show, The Blacklist, with Creator, Jon Bokenkamp and his wife Kath

December 17, 2013: Bits and Pieces ~ A Contemplation Conversation with Dr. Julie and David Ison

December 10, 2013: One Mind ~ How our individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness with Author, Dr. Larry Dossey

December 3, 2013: Connecting to Raise Consciousness with Creators of Collective Evolution, Joe Martino and Alanna Ketler

November 26, 2013: Inspiring Global Synchronized Moments with Patrick Kronfli, Creator of MedMob and Unify

November 19, 2013: Creative Consciousness and the Celebrate Come Together Event with David Ison

November 12, 2013: Connecting the Co-Creators with Futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard

October 29, 2013:  Breathing Together as ONE Global Family with Do As One Creators, Rabia Hayek and Jaime Collaco

October 22, 2013: Living Wholeness ~ Embodying Spirit in Matter with Hummingbird Community Founders, Katharine and Makasha Roske

October 15, 2013:  Standing Together on Global Oneness Day with Director of Humanity’s Team, Steve Farrell

October 8, 2013: Igniting Passion for Change with Teen Environmentalist, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, with Earth Guardians

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