“Dr. Julie is an artist, writer, healer, alchemist, teacher, and generous spirit. But her most prolific calling would be as mystic and midwife, ushering in the evolution  of the soul.”

~ Pastor Adrien, Client

Dr. Julie
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Dr. Julie
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Vision. Co-Create. Lead.

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“Dr. Julie has helped me step into a more heart-centered life. I have found my co-creative groove and feel fully supported in this new expression. Dr. Julie has not only inspired me, but gave me the tools and practice to transform both personally and professionally.”

~ Annie, Client 








Bringing Spirit and Consciousness More Fully into Life

Grow. Expand. Evolve.

“Dr. Julie helps us connect and listen to our soul, our inner guidance system. She is a person I consider a dear friend and someone who has helped me understand and connect with my own soul.”

~ Cheryl Maloney, Best Selling Author, Publisher, Radio Talk Show Host 



Dr. Julie is a steward of the new earth, midwifing the evolution of consciousness and the ethos of wholeness.  Her career as an intuitive, integrative health practitioner/psychotherapist has influenced her global work with visionary leaders and change-makers—co-creating connections that inspire individual, collective and planetary healing.  Her authentic, down-to-earth approach, invites others to embody their highest creative potential while shifting from ego-centric challenges and separation, to a healthier, soul-centric flow of resonance and coherence. She is a mystic, speaker, teacher, and mentor focusing on the transition from whole-centric personal development to co-creative cultural development and transformation. Dr. Julie is a founding steward of GOODoftheWHOLE.com, hosts The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, and author of the #1 International Bestselling and Nautilus Award winning book, Fractured Grace.


On the leading edge of personal, social and global transformation, Dr. Julie is making connections that inspire individual and collective awakening.  Serving Humanity’s creative potential, Dr. Julie facilitates opportunities to bring consciousness more fully into life, relationships, vocation and community. She is celebrated as a visionary leader, mentor, speaker, healer and spiritual midwife – recognized most for her authentic, down-to-earth approach. Dr. Julie assists to efficiently shift awareness from ego-centric challenges, conflict and separation to a healthier, soul-centric flow of resonance, coherence and unity.

Her fiery passion to uplift humanity began at a young age. An early childhood near-death experience, trauma and other adversity left her asking big questions about consciousness, God, religion, the purpose of life, and the deeper meaning of humanity’s pain and suffering. She developed spiritual gifts at the age of eleven and began receiving prophetic vision and guidance. Since then, she has followed a path of peace and strives to empower greater coherence, wholeness, and connectivity for the good of the whole.

Her 30-year career blends the pragmatic teachings of Western psychology with ancient spiritual wisdom, her visionary gifts, and an experiential understanding of energy psychology, and mind/body and energy medicine. This combination, grounded in living systems, empowers clients, groups, organizations, and audiences to develop intentional, co-creative lives aligned with spirit, attuned to heart, in harmony with nature, and in resonance with others. Dr. Julie is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Spiritual Director, and Certified Wellness Coach.  She is a trained BridgeBuilders Consultant, working with church groups and organizations in transition and crisis. Dr. Julie has received in-depth training in Christian Contemplative Practices, Buddhist Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Mindfulness, and Mind/Body Medicine.  She has studied extensively with Barbara Marx Hubbard and is a Mentor for Agents of Conscious Evolution. Dr. Julie is Founding Steward of GOOD of the WHOLE, and hosts The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected. She is the author of the #1 International Bestselling and Nautilus Award winning book Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World. 

Dr. Julie has served and volunteered in numerous local, regional and global leadership positions, including 16 years as an elected school board member, serving as both Secretary and President, and 15 years as part of the ELCA Nebraska Synod Candidacy Committee.  She is a member of the American Counseling Association, Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling, Association for Creativity in Counseling, American Association of Integrative Medicine, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine.


My vision is a world where every individual feels valued, connected, and fully expressed as a whole being within a unified whole living-system. My mission is to co-create beauty, peace and healing for myself, my clients, audiences, communities, and the earth and world around me.

I’m committed to serving the good of the whole, whole-systems health, the evolution of consciousness, and a whole worldview. I do this through speaking, teaching, mentoring and other media, arts and entertainment projects. 


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"Julie Krull: A Voice of Wisdom in Troubled Times" ~ Burl Hall, OpEd News.com

Whether mentoring, speaking or teaching, I look forward to meeting you and serving your evolutionary potential!

Whether mentoring, speaking or teaching, I look forward to meeting you and serving your evolutionary potential!

Invite me to speak or facilitate your event!