Your Next Best Steps with Sheila Cash

Have you heard of Conscious Evolution and the “New Human?” You’re invited to stay in the emergence of radical change. The world does not work like it used to and there’s no going back. As we create a new normal, it’s time to re-imagine everything and evolve your life consciously. What are your next best steps as you re-imagine your life? Join evolutionary catalyst, Sheila Cash, in this riveting discussion.

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Sheila Cash is an evolutionary catalyst in the fields of mind-body integration and conscious evolution at Evolve Your Life, LLC. Her #1 Bestselling books, “Evolve Your Life” and “Success Breakthroughs” co-authored with Jack Canfield have introduced the concept of the New Human – who we need to be in this rapidly evolving age. The “New Human Master Coach”, Sheila empowers clients to expand all parts of their lives into alignment with the conscious universe. She is an Ambassador of Conscious Evolution and 1/4 of the “Evolutionistas” – female leaders and teachers in evolutionary consciousness. Her Super Consciousness Think Tank seeks advanced solutions for new times in 2022 and beyond. A visionary and original thinker, she puts the pieces of the puzzle of life into one place to relate to the bigger picture in service to humanity’s future.  






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