Accessing the Peace and Power of Presence with Mayet Leilani

Is there really a peace that surpasses understanding, accessible in routine daily life? Is enlightenment something attainable for an ordinary person, with practical applications to everyday living? Mayet Leilani says accessing the peace and power of Presence needs no secret meditations or special techniques. You can experience deeper levels of connection and understanding, and feel ready to live what comes next for you from the place of Light. This is your true birthright.

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Mayet Leilani – Mystic, shaman, healer, writer, master of conscious sound. Over the course of an interesting life, Mayet Leilani has shared the stage with notables ranging from Deepak Chopra to Marianne Williams and Michail Gorbachev. In the past, she has appeared on most major U.S. television shows, including Oprah, sung to the Pope, and at the Nobel Prize concert. Now however, her focus is centered on her interest in the deeper truths of who we really are, ways to have a great human life, and the expression of the Light of Being in human form.

As a ceremonialist, Mayet serves as witness, guide and catalyst creating protected elevated space that makes profound life-shift possible for the shared purpose of facilitating healing release, spiritual expansion, and to advance joy. Mayet Leilani is author of We Are Light!  Experiencing the Truth of Who You Really Are, an engaging and personal exploration of the journey into the Light of Being.

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