The Magic of Connection with Michelle Welch

You’re invited to manifest more love in your relationships and stay connected with your community, even when you’re confronted with negative energy. Michelle Welch will show us how the energies that connect all people—all Life—are essential. Instead of trying to “cut” someone out of your life, we’ll explore the alchemical process of transforming and transmuting energies.

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After graduating from Texas A&M in three years, Michelle Welch earned a Juris Doctorate from Baylor Law School. She served as a briefing clerk for the Tyler Court of Appeals before becoming an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County, and then opened her own private practice She is still a member of the Texas State Bar, Dallas Bar Association, and other legal organizations. As Michelle became more comfortable going public with her intuitive and psychic abilities, she started to share them with her colleagues, which led to her helping with court cases and jury selection. Today Michelle is the co-founder of SoulTopia Academy, the co-owner of three SoulTopia Holistic Boutiques in the Dallas Metroplex, and co-host of SoulWhat Podcast.

As a psychic medium, medical intuitive and energy worker, Michelle specializes in helping people gain clarity, discover their soul’s purpose, transmuting trauma, and claim self- empowerment. She is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master/Teacher and a Crystal Healer Master/Teacher. Her own life transformation from successful attorney to passionately assisting others on their life path has given her unique perspective and insight in helping empower others to honor their gifts in a variety of situations. Her first book, The Magic of Connection: Stop Cutting Cords and Transform Negative Energy to Live an Empowered Life, was published by Llewelyn Worldwide Publishing in 2021. You can reach Michelle at her website,

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