The Great Reset of 2021 with Carl Johan Calleman

A global pandemic, the questioning of U.S. presidential election results, and now, the United States pulling out of Afghanistan. What do these major events mean from a higher perspective? And do we have the capacity to understand this evolution and take up a positive role in the great reset of 2021? Our guest, Carl Johan Calleman, expert in the Mayan calendar, helps us look at the significance of where we’re at and potentially, where we are going.

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Carl Johan Calleman has a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm, following which he was a Senior Researcher at the School of Public Health at the University of Washington in Seattle, focusing especially on identifying toxic substances in the human environment. After leaving his academic carrier he has spent the past 25 years developing an understanding of the meaning of the Mayan calendar, and as part of this quest he has lectured in 25 countries and written seven books, which have been translated to 14 languages. He also filmed the first interview with Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of council of elders in Guatemala available to an audience in the Western world. His current focus is on the application of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, an all-encompassing theory of evolution emanating from these studies. He has also presented a theory of the place of psychedelics in human evolution and why they have the effects that they do. 

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