A Courageous Journey of Love with Keith E. Smith

What can we learn from an “unbridled spirit ruled only by love”? This powerful story of death and dying teaches courage, inspiration, creativity, and perhaps a healing power so universal that it redefines love and how we show up in the world and for each other. Author Keith Smith shares the remarkable life story of Valerie Doshier.  

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Keith E. Smith is a nomadic writer from Kentucky. He is the author of six books, including a novel, a book on self-development, a business management book, a book of poetry and prose, and his most recent book, born from his travels through the Texas Panhandle, is entitled Nowhere Near The Middle: The Life Story of Valerie Doshier.

Keith’s mission is to encourage others in the pursuit of their own dreams and a life of meaning. He has no formal training when it comes to writing. In fact, he grew up in a blue-collar family and spent twenty years as an automotive technician, and seven years in construction. Being a self-taught writer, he often uses his own story as a way to encourage others to not allow perceived limitations to hold them back from achieving their dreams.

In 2018, Keith experienced a radical reboot of his life. Determined to break the cycle of “crash and burn” that he had endured for years, he set out on a journey of self-transformation that included selling all of his possessions, quitting a job, and going out on the road in pursuit of his dreams and new life experiences. He travels the United States, his car filled with his few remaining material possessions, and shares his experiences via his writing, social media, and his blog.

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