Imagine a world organized around the principle of nature and our inherent unity and wholeness. Imagine a world designed around a sacred relationship with ourselves, others, and all of creation. Imagine a world transformed by each of us recognizing we are whole beings within a greater whole—and when we contribute to and serve this larger whole, it gives back and contributes to our fullest and healthiest individual expression. Join us for an ongoing conversation about women leading the change.

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Quincey lives to spark imaginations, touch the soul, and infuse joy, laughter and higher consciousness in everything she does. She’s the girl at the party who doesn’t need a friend or liquid courage to tell her to get the dance party started! As an actress, living in New York City, she has been compared to the young Annette Bening and Mia Farrow infused with Julie Andrews’ spirit and topped off with some Robin Wright control and tenacity. Quincey is currently doing commercial work and has been seen on ABC’s Betrayal. She is passionate about the arts and uses dance, movement, music, voice, writing, acting and poetry to express herself and touch the hearts of many different audiences. Quincey is also passionate about conscious health. In her spare time, she is a health coach working toward certification. She is the Co-Founder of World of Love.

Shelley_Ostroff_912633906.jpgDistressed by the suffering humans are causing to each other, animals and the planet, Shelley spent many years learning about integrative pathways for local and global health and vitality. After exploring processes that impact individual and system vitality, she developed a holistic approach that draws on a broad range of experience in different countries and traditions.   The holistic approach addresses some of the damaging consequences of assumptions that currently drive social organization. It integrates insight from complementary disciplines and offers conceptual and practical frameworks for nourishing vitality of people and planet.

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