When the Whole Sees Itself with Shelley Darling

David Bohm said, “…consciousness is a coherent whole, which is never static or complete, but which is in an unending process of movement and unfoldment.” He goes on to explain, “… [matter and consciousness] are actually inseparable and interwoven, just as in the computer game the player and the screen are united by participation.” What happens when an individual experiences this deep embodied sense of wholeness and remembers themselves inside the formlessness that informs all form? Come play in the unified field of consciousness and explore ways to nurture your innate capacity to live for the good of the whole.

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Shelley Darling is a founding steward of GOOD of the WHOLE, Loving Waters, and Golden Light Dowsing. She has dedicated over 35 years to the path of Unconditional Love and Conscious Evolution, synthesizing years of experience counseling individuals, couples, and groups in “Embodied Heart Awakening.” Shelley travels internationally speaking about “Resonant Stewardship,” an evolving model that fosters greater harmony, connection and wholeness in one’s heart, home, and community. Resonant Stewardship is the amalgam of 20 years of emotional integration coaching, Evolutionary Dowsing, and facilitating weekly Heart Resonance groups for over six years. 

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