Trauma Has No Color with Dr. Marty K. Casey

Hurting People Hurt People. Trauma, when left untreated—unhealed—eventually manifests itself in continued expressions of trauma. It’s cyclical. And yes, we have experienced not only personal trauma, but cultural and collective trauma. Systemic racism is an expression of very deep, generational and wide, cultural and collective, trauma. What if these wounds of separation are at the core of many of our systemic issues? Would you do your work to heal trauma? Healing systemic racism is for all races, and trauma has no color.  

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Dr. Marty K. Casey, is a member of the Actors Equity Association (AEA) since 2006, and Founder and President of Show Me Arts Foundation, the first arts organization formed immediately following the unrest of Ferguson Missouri. Marty’s success has been acclaimed by numerous awards, interviews and acknowledgments including being featured on Beyoncé.com and recognized by this highly acclaimed artist for her work in the community. Marty currently serves as the St. Louis Regional Network leader for the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment®.

Amongst other career highlights, Marty sang the National Anthem for an audience of 30,000+ fans. She also completed a 12-year successful run as a national touring actress for Menopause: The Musical. In 2018, she was inducted into the United Nations as the first female Goodwill Ambassador of Peace in the Midwest. She received her first Honorary Doctorate and became an Ambassador for Shine Ministries Orphan children in Uganda, Africa. Marty has also written and produced a one woman show which was sponsored by AARP in February 2020 and sold out a 302-seat theater in Brooklyn, NY. She was given 2 standing ovations. She has written a 7-day self-help guide instructing individuals to journal their inner thoughts to help them tap into their own personal success. She is an Actorvist: A person with acting skill campaigning social change from the stage!

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