The Art of Stopping with David Kundtz

David Kundtz believes the primary challenge to successful human life is too much: too much to do; too much to cope with; too much distraction; too much noise; too much demanding our attention; even, for many of us, too many opportunities and too many choices. His solution? The Art of Stopping— how to be still when you have to keep going. 

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David Kundtz, SThD, MFT, has enjoyed several careers, including nineteen years as a Catholic priest, twenty years in the practice of psychotherapy, and over two decades teaching courses on managing stress and emotional health, and writing. He has graduate degrees in psychology and theology, and a doctorate in pastoral psychology. Among the seven books David has authored are Quiet Mind, Moments in Between, Awakened Mind and his most recent, The Art of Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going.

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