Regenerative Resilience in Global Crisis with Carolyn Baker

Can we live passionate, purposeful, inspired lives in spite of the global crisis we are facing? Can a transformation of consciousness and a new sense of relatedness restore our sanity and create regenerative and radical change on our planet? Carolyn Baker will lead us through a path of resilience and open our minds to radical change.

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Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. is a wonderful author with many books. She lives and writes in Boulder, Colorado and manages her website A former psychotherapist and professor of psychology and history, Carolyn offers life coaching for people who want to live more resiliently in the present as they prepare for the future. Her weekly podcast, the New Lifeboat Hour, can be accesses at her website. Carolyn works closely with Andrew Harvey and other spiritual luminaries to live and promote Sacred Activism—the marriage of effecting change in the world with consciousness transformation.  She is the co-author of Savage Grace: Living Resiliently in the Dark Night of the Globe. 

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