Many modern-day mystics have been in the closet. It’s easy to understand why scientists have chosen not to talk openly about spiritual experiences, but what about spiritual leaders? Pastors? And what about the everyday folks on main street or sitting in the pews of those churches? Where do we go to navigate this fascinating terrain, share transpersonal, metaphysical, and mystical experiences to better understand the evolution of consciousness? Join Drs. Julie Krull and Paul Mills as they set out to “normalize the non-ordinary” and open the closet door.


Main Street Mystics features authors from the Common Sentience Book Series published by Sacred Stories Publishing.


Dr. Paul Mills is Professor of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of California San Diego. He has over 400 scientific publications in the fields of pharmacology, oncology, cardiology, psychoneuroimmunology, behavioral medicine, and integrative health. He is the author of the book Science, Being, and Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists published by Light on Light Press.

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