I want to write a poem
That speaks to your unknowing
And gently invites you to open your soul

I want to write a poem
That resonates through every cell
And builds a field that inspires great vision,
Beauty, and wakes your heart

For if each syllable feels like home
We’ll make an intimate and powerful connection
With all that is – as it is

The nagging impulse of life re-calibrating
Will emerge through the words as a sliver that begs
Your undivided attention

You will try to ignore the nudge
Because it’s not the right time
Or place or whatever

Until you can’t.

Then you’ll listen as the sound of vowels
And consonants and joy and curiosity all run together
You’ll take notice as the whispers land
And presence themselves with a pungent “aha!”
You’ll tune in as creation moves at the frequency
Of your mystic’s heart and flows in your pulsing veins

And with the next breath
You’ll hear…

I want to write a poem
That taps into your unknowing
Until you dwell in the awareness
Of mine

And we’ll rest in the mystery together

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