Spiritual Anatomy

Spiritual Anatomy: Realigning Body and Soul with Ginny Nadler

On this show, you’ve heard guest experts talking about mind over matter, the biology of belief, and so many other spiritual tools and practices that tap into our body’s inherent energetic and healing powers. But have you ever heard matter over spirit? There is an important connection between the energetic roadblocks that are deep in our cellular structure and the flow of spiritual energy and wisdom. Ginny Nadler invites us to unravel our deeply entangled distortions and bring our body and soul back into alignment.

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Ginny Nadler is the author of Spiritual Anatomy: Realigning Body and Soul and founder and CEO of Core Body Wisdom®, which delivers the highest quality wellness initiatives and care to individuals, businesses, healthcare providers and organizations. The core of Ginny’s approach is Structural ReAlignment Integration® (SRI) which draws on her years as a wellness educator and body alignment specialist to support individuals with stressed and in pain structures to be pain free and rediscover freedom in movement. Ginny studied yoga in the B.K.S. Iyengar Tradition for years before deciding to seek more creative ways to discover where imbalance and distortion arise in human structure and psyche with a focus on releasing trauma in the pelvic floor. She cofounded the first comprehensive wellness center on the East Coast and also created The Urban Global Healing Center where she participated in and helped develop a wellness program for young women incarcerated and offered a wide range of wellness education services. Ginny works with the worldwide Pocket Project Training with 150 others from 39 countries, exploring cultural agreements and global collective trauma (that live within us all). She also consults with individuals to help awaken them to the trauma that exists in their cell structures and collaborates with practitioners of other modalities seeking a deeper framework for their own approach to movement, trauma, and pain management.