I am So Much More

cosmic baby

In this Holy space of quiet contemplation

I embrace the promise of today and its sweet taste of eternity

Trusting the field of all-possibility, I surrender into divine presence

She holds me like a swaddling baby and bathes my thoughts with love

The fragrant scent of awareness fills the air

I look into the eyes of God, and see peace

I am so much more than I “think” I am

Full of the nourishing gaze,

I move completely into the space between my thoughts

And gently align with the cosmic blueprint

Returning to my own true nature without ever really leaving

My heart pulses with infinite joy in formless, luminous, essence

The peaceful song of creation rocks me to the place of no more sleep

And I become so much more than I think I am

Dawn of a Universal Humanity

flower tulip pink orange free wp

I am moving out from darkness into the light.  I feel a new kind of energy quickening.  The dormant seeds of possibility are waking inside.  The unconscious is moving into consciousness with new impulses, ideas, and opportunities.  Its time to let go of my safe, resting retreat, the quiet milieu of nature’s darkness, to venture out into my luminous potential.

The impulse of creation is moving.  A lively, spirited instinct encourages me to move, push, go forward, and expand outward.  Yet, the familiar perennial signal feels different somehow.

It is different.

The darkness is fading.  I push through the dense frozen ground of sleepiness, through to the light of this spring where the awakened world of enlightenment waits to greet me.  As I let go of my personal, protected resting place and re-enter community, it feels changed.  There’s no separation.  The collective field is supportive, loving, and nurturing in a way that inspires greater connectivity.  The essence of spring is consumed with the emergence of co-creative genius – aligned with Source, in harmony with nature, resonant and engaged with others.  It delights my soul.

With the next push, there’s a familiar recognition.  I remember. We are giving birth to Global Consciousness.  This is it!  We have welcomed the Essential Self into life and relationship, overcoming egoic obstacles with robust persistence.  The dawn of a Universal Humanity is here.  I can feel it.  Now, as I listen to those seeds of possibility, I hear only the harmonic resonance of the collective good.  I am only content, when the whole is whole again.  I let go of “me” and surrender into the joy of connection, remembering who I am in the wholeness of who we are.  And, I push.  There’s no more time or space for my dormant slumber.

The sun crosses the celestial equator as I embody this balance and welcome the light. The life force rises with overwhelming intensity.  I celebrate, with gratitude, for the equinox ushers in a fresh, unified state of being, as hopeful as the first tulip bloom after a long frigid winter.  I emerge and stretch upward to meet nature’s genius.  The warm light bathes my curiosity.  She signals.  It is time.  I break into song and bloom with the new dawn.

I am the One

woman water

I am the one who tends and cares for the soul.

I am the one who brings spirit to life.

I am the expression of Creation, creating Herself.

I am the art of All-Knowing; the dance of Divine;

Sweet music in the moment; and poetry of presence.

I am the one who brings life and voice to our universal knowing,

Remembering and igniting our brilliance, our beauty, our being.

I am the one expressing the One.

I am the One expanding the one.

I am the one emerging from the One into the greater one.

Embodying the voice as my own, I lose myself —

and I’m made whole; one; C O M P L E T E.