Play for Peace

Play for Peace with Sarah Gough

Five hundred million people live in countries in conflict, many of them children at risk for violence and exploitation. Play for Peace shares a hopeful, but ambitious vision to unify the world starting with bridging the divides in the most conflicted areas led by local youth leaders. Play for Peace teaches children, youth and communities that there is another way. Differences and conflict are a part of human reality, but hatred, violence and fear don’t have to be.

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Sarah Gough, MSW, is Play for Peace’s Director enjoying over 20 years field work with youth in diverse settings. Involved with Play for Peace since 2001, Sarah co-authored “Peacecircles” (2013) and has facilitated training and workshops in experiential peace education around the world. Through Sarah’s leadership Play for Peace has grown to include thousands of children, youth and adults in over 40 countries. As an experiential educator she has facilitated growth, learning and change in corporate, governmental, religious and school groups.