Transfiguration of the Planet

Transfiguration of the Planet with Andrew Harvey

Kabir is far more than a poet; he is a universal initiatory field, as expansive as Rumi and as embodied, radical, and ferocious as Jesus. He is the voice of the evolutionary truth and its piercing love, and we never needed to hear him more. Can Kabir provide evolutionary guidance for the transfiguration of our planet, like he does for the transfigured human? Listen in as Andrew Harvey shares an enlightened blueprint.

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After authoring more than 30 books, Andrew Harvey, Rumi scholar, mystic, and founder of Sacred Activism, is releasing what may be his consummate work, Turn Me To Gold: 108 Poems By Kabir. Born in India and deeply influenced by its mystic traditions, Andrew became enraptured not only with the exquisite spiritual illumination he discovered in Kabir, but the poet’s grounding relevance to our troubled times.