Looking for Enlightenment in All the Wrong Places

Looking for Enlightenment in All the Wrong Places with Matthew Ferry

Are you open to redefine #enlightenment? Many desire the experience of Oneness and go to great lengths to achieve it. Perhaps you are a spiritual seeker who has developed a disciplined spiritual or religious practice and experienced fleeting moments of utter bliss. Others magically experience non-ordinary states of consciousness without even trying. What if enlightenment is more of a mindset that you can develop than a random, serendipitous breakthrough in consciousness? Matthew Ferry will challenge you to shift your perspective and develop enduring, enlightened prosperity.

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Matthew Ferry is a spiritual teacher, executive life coach and Founder of Matthew Ferry International, LLC. Ferry works with Wall Street clients and helps them transform stress into creativity and resourcefulness by using “The Rapid Enlightenment Process.” His process helps people get their mind to go quiet, to transcend their survival mind and achieve an enlightened state. Ferry is also the author of “Quiet Mind Epic Life” an international best-seller in three categories in seven countries. He challenges readers to reach their highest potential in mind, body, and business.

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