Co-Creating Abundance

Co-Creating Abundance with Derek Rydall

What would you do if you had the freedom, passion, resources, and resourcefulness to reach your full potential? What if your outer conditions do not determine your life? Derek Rydall encourages and empowers you to achieve your dreams from the inside out. No matter what your personal circumstances or challenges there are easy steps you can take toward generating real-world abundance in every area of your life.

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Derek Rydall is an Amazon/Barnes & Noble #1 bestselling author of EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. Rydall’s diverse background includes training top executives at Fortune 500 companies (including American Express and The Walt Disney Company) in empowered leadership and communications, and coaching celebrities and media professionals, including Oscar and Emmy winners, on creating conscious entertainment. As a Huffington Post contributor, frequent podcast guest, and the host of his own top-rated Emergence podcast, he shares cutting-edge spiritual principles and success strategies to achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth and happiness. His global platform has touched hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He is the author of The Abundance Project. For more information, visit:

My Two Birthdays

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“Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, and we’ll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebration that never can end.” ~ Richard Bach

I have two birthdays.  No, I wasn’t born at midnight.  I was born on my sisters first birthday, so I thought — December 16, 1962.  Every year I would share my birthday, birthday cake, and birthday presents with my sister.  And for the first fifteen years of my life, that was my day — well, our day.  Then on December 15th when I turned 15, my dad called to wish me “Happy Birthday.”  He told me that my birthday was really the 15th and my mom wanted it on the 16th because it was “cute.”  Hmmm…  I asked my mom and she continued to profess the 16th.  And, so began the two-birthday conundrum.

In my early twenties, I needed a passport so I got my birth certificate.  It said, “December 16, 1962.”  So there — it was settled.  I was born on December 16th.  For the next several years I celebrated the 16th and my dad continued to call me on the 15th.  Then one day in my early 30’s, my mom gave me the hospital certificate where they put your foot prints in ink.  It was typed December 16, 1962, but the nurse signed it in green ink, December 15, 1962.  At this point, I was really confused.  I asked my mother again and she continued to profess the 16th.

Years went by and the two-birthday dance continued, until one day my mother called on December 15th.  She wanted to bring over a birthday gift.  I told her it wasn’t my birthday yet.  She agreed on the phone and brought the gift to my house.  She sat down and quickly said, “Okay, it’s time that I tell the truth.  You really were born on the 15th, but the hospital messed up and put the 16th on your birth certificate, so we just kept it that way.”

So… yeah.  Two birthdays.  One is my REAL BIRTH day, and the other is my LEGAL birthday.  It’s been the 16th on every legal document since I was born.  But the story doesn’t end there…

Several years later, my youngest sister called me and asked what my birth certificate said.  When I told her, she said, “You aren’t going to believe this!”  She got a copy of HER birth certificate and it had the wrong day!  She has celebrated January 9th all of her life and her birth certificate said January 8th!  True story.

So, what are the lessons to be found?  Well, after years of having everyone “forget” a too-close-to-Christmas birthday, getting combined birthday/Christmas gifts at Christmas, sharing the day with my sister, and years of disillusion and confusion about the date, I decided to claim both days and CELEBRATE LIFE!  I discovered that I could feel bad about my “lack” of birthday, or I could feel joy and great abundance by making the best out of a goofy situation!  I choose to celebrate life and all the bountiful blessings in the chaos.  And, I choose to celebrate me and birth a new sense of self-love.  Every year since I found out the truth, I have my own little private birthday celebration that lasts for 48 hours!  I gave birth to a new sense of self and learned how to love, honor, and cherish me (and all my imperfections) more completely.

All We Need is Love

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“All we need is love,” instructs John Lennon’s famous lyrics.  The sentiment is incredibly moving today as we enter this holiday season as well as this pivotal time in history.  Love is a unifying force that can improve the quality of life on earth, ignite planetary healing, and create global oneness.

There are many definitions of love, but let’s discuss the universal, altruistic love that is shared by most faith-based organizations.  Love is central to many religions, as in the phrase, “God is Love.”  Love is the ultimate grace and blessing where most do see eye to eye.  This love is a divine link that can bind us together and the redeeming force that can reconcile the hearts of humanity.

In the Bahá’í faith, love is the light that guides in the darkness, the living link that unites God with man, that force that assures the progress of every illumined soul.  Bahá’í’s believe love reveals, with unfailing and limitless power, the mysteries latent in the universe.

The Dalai Lama said, “Love, compassion and tolerance are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”  In Buddhism, love is unconditional and requires considerable self-acceptance. They believe this is quite different from “ordinary” love, which is usually about attachment and rarely occurs without self-interest. Instead, it refers to detachment and unselfish interest in the welfare of others.

In the Jewish tradition followers are encouraged to show mercy, love, and compassion to their brother and, as the Torah commands, love God “with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.”  In the Christian faith, there are numerous references from “love your enemies” to the greatest commandment: love one another.  It is said, “God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.”

Sufism explains the essence of God as love and the Sufi path is a path of love.  Love is to see what is good and beautiful in everything.  The aim is to be accepted as a lover by the Beloved God.  Love encompasses the Islamic view of life as universal brotherhood that applies to all who hold faith.

Love is an inter-faith, universal virtue.  This magnificent and beautiful imperative is swelling and pulsing within the hearts of humanity.  There is a collective awakening stirring within us and contributing to a global shift in consciousness.  The conclusion?  We are ONE.  Therefore, love ONE another.

Be a part of the global shift.  From, and through, the love of your divine source, start with yourself.  This love is a critical key to healing the planet.  Self-acceptance and unconditional love for oneself is foundational.  You cannot love God or others completely without loving yourself first.  It doesn’t work that way.   In loving yourself completely, you will activate a healing resonance greater than yourself and prepare the way for all other love.

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Rumi wrote,  “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Love yourself and you open the floodgates for universal, altruistic love to permeate every cell of your being and every corner of the universe.  You pave the way to “Love your enemies.”

There’s a visceral yearning inside each of us to love.  Take a few minutes everyday and focus on universal love with the intention of increasing your energetic field of love.  Breathe into your heart and allow it to expand… open… and guide you. Direct your attention to your heart and rest in the awareness of universal LOVE.

Next, imagine sending love to your loved ones, neighbors, community, and expand this field of love to all beings on our planet.  Include all races, religions, and those different from you.  And, yes, include any “enemies” you may have.  This powerful intention will assist you to embody universal love.  And, there’s another benefit to this practice:  all sacred wisdom and guidance comes from this place!  You are building your soul’s navigation system.

“All we need is love!”  Today is a great day to allow your heart to embrace this world with all its amazing beauty, diversity, and need.  We are called to deeply love those who are different from ourselves.  It’s time to break down the walls that divide us, love one another, and BE in the heart of God.  Kahlil Gibran, writes, “When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of God.”  Come join in the co-creative path of love… I’ll meet you in the heart of God where we will unite and ignite loving peace on earth!