Life and Technology

Balancing Life and Technology in a Digital World with Doreen Dodgen-Magee

The transition to the digital age is affecting our bodies, brains, relationships and self-image. Technology is now a constant in our daily lives, and increasingly science is showing how it impacts us in ways that no one could have predicted. Doreen Dodgen-Magee shows us how to take control back from our devices so that they become tools for our health and happiness instead of screens that hold us captive.

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doreen_d_magee__435174974.jpgDoreen Dodgen-Magee, PsyD, is a psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience working with individuals and groups in Portland, Oregon. She also maintains a national and international speaking docket and is followed online where she posts challenges for living moderately with tech and wildly in embodied spaces. Doreen’s main passion is engaging people about how the new digital landscape is shaping humanity. She also is a nationally recognized gun violence prevention activist.

Speaking Truth with Love

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Several times over the past few weeks, things have come up in different situations that have reminded me how important it is to SPEAK TRUTH WITH LOVE.  I was on the phone with a client this morning and the topic came up again.  There are several bible verses that speak to this. I “Googled” and discovered ninety-nine!  Ninety-nine different verses that address the importance of “speaking truth with love.”  In Ephesians it talks about unity and maturity.  By speaking truth with love, we mature and grow into our wholeness and oneness as a humanity.

Why does it have to be so challenging for us to speak truth with love? I want to throw out another idea.  Lets practice RECEIVING OTHERS’ TRUTH WITH LOVE.  When we receive others without judgement, reaction, criticism or fear, it opens them to share more of their truth and more of their love.  When they open it builds trust.  They, in turn, will begin to receive our truth with love.  Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there.” Let’s all meet each other in that field and practice communicating truth with love.