Catalyzing a Spiritual Revolution

“Imagine if we all knew for certain there was something more than this world and this single lifetime, and that God exists, and that we are loved beyond measure by God.” What would our world be like if we all had transpersonal, metaphysical, and mystical experiences? And what if we could share these Spiritually Transformative Experiences with others. Would it create a global spiritual revolution? What would it tell us about humanity’s potential and future? Join Drs. Julie Krull and Paul J. Mills with their guest, author John Audette, as they explore whether mystical experiences can catalyze a spiritual revolution.



John Audette is the author of Loved by the Light: True Stories of Divine Intervention and Providence. His professional career spanned over three decades of senior executive positions in hospital and hospice administration and physician practice management. Audette’s interest in Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) began at age 8 when he heard his first account of a Near Death Experience from his best friend’s mother. His interest was dormant until 1974 when he met Raymond Moody. Dr. Moody was a medical student at the time just beginning research which later led to the publication of Life After Life. Later, another associate, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross encouraged Mr. Audette to move forward with his idea to form an association focused on Spiritually Transformative Experiences for experiencers, researchers, and the interested public, which later resulted in the formation of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. He is founder of Eternea: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality for Personal and Global Transformation.

Transformative Near Death Experiences

The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences with Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh

As a society we are all taught to fear death. Yet for those who have touched it, and returned to tell the tale, the message they’ve brought back is a story of unconditional love, divine understanding, and how a true universal connection awaits us on the other side. Can we benefit from these experiences? Authors Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh believe we can. The Near-Death Experience inspires people of all cultures and faiths to see how the love experienced during an NDE has the capacity to heal minds, bodies, and souls.

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Dr Penny Sartori PhD, RGN is an expert in NDEs, having been an intensive care nurse for 17 years and having undertaken the UK’s first long-term prospective study on them, for which she was awarded a PhD. She wrote the bestseller The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences (2014), which was serialised in the Daily Mail, as well as What is A Near-Death Experience? She has had her work featured, and been interviewed, across national and international press and radio. She lectures across the world, and currently teaches at Swansea University.


Kelly Walsh is the founder of the Positivity Power Movement and Love Care Share charitable foundation. Her life’s work has been inspired by an NDE she had in 2009 following a suicide attempt, and subsequent spiritual experiences she has had since. The words she shouted out following her experience- ‘like – minded souls would collaborate to change the world’ – have been the driving force for the creation of this book and the work she now does. Her experience also inspired her to create a children’s character, Positivity Princess from Planet Positavia, who is on a mission to create a more loving, caring, sharing world.