Mysticism & Mental Health

With Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D.

Mystical, transpersonal, and metaphysical experiences are often described as beautiful, magical, life-changing events that enhance our lives in positive ways. But sometimes a spiritual experience can turn into a spiritual emergency or worse, a psychotic break. As a young adult, our guest, Patricia Muehsam, M.D., found herself locked in a psychiatric ward after talking about her own spiritual experiences. Now, a pioneer in the synthesis of science, holistic health, and contemporary spirituality, Dr. Muehsam has a groundbreaking book, Beyond Medicine: A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Achieving Absolute Health and Finding Inner Peace.


About Dr. Patricia A. Muehsam

Patricia A. Muehsam, MD, a pioneer in the synthesis of science, holistic health, and contemporary spirituality, has distinguished herself as a practitioner, educator, research scientist, and author. Dr. Muehsam has been an influential force in shaping the landscape of healthcare options available today. As a thought leader, Muehsam forged new ground that contributed to the establishment of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, now the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

As an educator, she founded the Association of American Medical Colleges’ first initiative in alternative and complementary medicine, leading medical schools throughout the United States to add courses in the field. Her original bioelectromagnetics laboratory research at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine investigated distant healer phenomena, Qigong, and homeopathy. Since then, she has studied trance medium, spiritual, and psychic healing phenomena, as well as the links between consciousness and health. Dr. Muehsam’s journey has been marked by both extraordinary personal challenges and extraordinary openings, all of which have informed that journey and been an inspiration for her professional activities. She has been a patient, many times over. She has experienced catastrophic illness in her family and in her own life. And she’s born witness to cures that defied conventional medical thinking. Inspired by her personal experiences, she pursued training in acupuncture, homeopathy, Ayurveda, mindbody medicine, yoga, energy medicine, and functional medicine, and in 2008, she founded Transformational Medicine TM , a whole person approach to healing, wellness, and living. Her services include health consultations, mind-body healing sessions, courses, retreats, and communities of support.

Muehsam’s groundbreaking book, Beyond Medicine: A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Achieving Absolute Health and Finding Inner Peace, has been hailed by Larry Dossey, MD as the “only health and healing book you may ever need.” A musician since early childhood, Dr. Muehsam plays piano, flute, and sings. Nowadays, she mostly sings — jazz, gospel, and classical choral music. She resides in New York City with Benjamin, her adopted Golden Retriever and very wise spiritual advisor.