Amplify Love for Radical Transformation

Amplify Love for Radical Transformation with Sherryl Lin

We are all called to “BE the Change” in these times of whole-systems breakdown and radical transformation on the planet. Conscious Evolution is inviting us to question everything we thought knew and open ourselves to our deepest innate capacities with new ways of understanding and being. The painful wounds of separation are presenting to be healed and we, as agents of Love, are the remedy. Join Dr. Julie and Sherryl Lin in an invitation to amplify Love for radical transformation.

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Sherryl Lin has vivid memories of being a young child with a pure, loving heart who knew that everything was possible. She knew that she had intuitive abilities back then, but being that there was no one to explain to her what she was experiencing she shut that part of herself down. Sherryl Lin was always interested in spirituality and spent much of her early adult life looking for the next teacher or guru who, she was certain had the answers she was looking for. Everything shifted when, through a series of mystical, awakening experiences, Sherryl Lin began to remember her connection to Higher Levels of Consciousness and her abilities accelerated at an exponential rate.

As a Master Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Medical Intuitive Healer, she reads the energy beneath your words, working deeply at the cellular level as a Spiritual Conduit, bringing you back into alignment with the truth of who you really are. Sherryl Lin will help you move to the next level in all areas of your life, including your health, business, life purpose, and relationships.