The Missing Piece/Peace

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A Halloween catalog came in the mail.  I don’t usually look at catalogs but my husband suggested I would enjoy the fun and creative visual feast.  I opened it and immediately spotted this image: “Rest in Pieces.”  Instantly, I had one of those moments of recognition.  It was as if a story of “unity and connection” had written itself, begging for my signature.  I chuckled out loud and thought, “How perfect is that!?”

The play on words from “Rest in Peace” to “Rest in Pieces,” with the spooky, graveyard zombies, took my mind on a whimsical, yet contemplative, journey.

One definition of peace is personal.  Inner peace, or peace of mind, refers to a mental calm, serenity, or tranquility.  This peace is considered by many to be healthy homeostasis and generally associated with bliss and happiness as opposed to stress and anxiety.  Another definition of peace is relational.  It means a freedom from disturbance, disorder, dispute, or war.  Peace is a sign of harmony and suggests the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships.

Piece, on the other hand, refers to a portion of an object or something “not being whole.”  What happens when we view ourselves, and our world, as “not being whole?”

Humanity has been “Resting in Pieces” for centuries.  We have been living out a powerful and very destructive story of separation.  In developing the ego, the self-reflective mind differentiates the self and creates an illusion of separation from the earth, nature, God/Spirit/Source, other humans, the cosmos, and the whole of creation.  The mind compartmentalizes everything into pieces, including our body/mind/spirit.  As a result, we have become obsessed with comparing, contrasting, and competing.  This perpetuates an even greater sense of separation, stress and anxiety as we experience perennial failure – never measuring up or fitting in.  Feeling incomplete, we find ourselves in an epic wandering, searching outside of ourselves for the missing piece/peace.

Relationally, seeing the world from the story of separation has left us feeling threatened and vulnerable.  We have created myriad social forms – political, economic, spiritual, and so on, in an attempt to create order, a sense of belonging, and protect ourselves (from “them” – the other pieces of the whole).  This worldview of separation has led to unhealthy boundaries, beliefs, judgment, and injustice.  We have created greater disturbance and unrest by seeing the world through separation and fear.  In the pursuit of power and dominance, we are destroying each other, our planet, and ourselves.

There is no peace when we rest in our pieces.

It is time to awaken and move into action.  Let’s put our pieces back together and claim our authentic power through peace and connection.  The power of peace comes from an integral lens, seeing Creation as one living, interdependent system. It’s time to tell a new story of love, integration and unity.  We are essential pieces of an integrated whole.  We are part of one living system.  We are members of an interconnected universe.  We have never really been separate.  Remembering our wholeness, and seeing the world and ourselves in this way, moves us into greater health, harmony and yes, peace.

Peace be with you… and may we all rest in the awareness of our complete piece/peace.

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The “Why” that Fuels My Passion

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This morning I rinsed my blueberry-green-smoothie container out in the sink.  Like always, the bright red-purple residue turned a deep navy blue when the water hit it. Why? Why do blueberries always do that?

“Why?” has been a perennial question of mine since I was a child. I would always engage in dialog with spirit, asking very serious and deep questions. At eleven years of age I was asking, “God, why do we have so many religions? Why are we so different and complex? Why do we treat others the way we do? Why can’t everyone see the world as beautiful? Why can’t we all get along?” As I matured, my questions evolved, as did the answers I received. My infinite quest to understand the universe and answer the why is as infinite as the universe itself.

Why is a very important question. It is at the source of everything we do. Why is more important than the who, what, when, and where.  Why taps into values, creates motivation, aligns intention, and directs conscious choice.  The Why of conscious choice fuels our actions, relationships, communications, vocation, joy and meaning in life. If we’re not asking and answering the Why, we likely are on autopilot, cruising through life mindlessly without activating our highest potential and the true essence of our nature.

The Why that fuels my passion lies in the process of insight and discovery. As a young mystic that woke after near death experience at the age of four, I experienced an expanded sense of knowing and a different way of seeing the world. I became a young pioneer explorer, determined to find, or create, a bridge to connect the dimensions. Why can’t everyone on earth experience the spirit realm like I did? Why don’t we all develop intimate connection, authentic expression, healing compassion, and clear guidance and intuition? If we could see through the lens of our Soul, instead of our fragmented ego, we might actualize peace, experience our wholeness, and discover heaven on earth. Instead, we have been trapped in boxes of fear and separation, perpetuating faulty beliefs, and searching outside of ourselves to be fixed, filled and happy.  Well, no more.  We are waking to the path of love and igniting our hearts in sacred communion.

That’s my Why.

My Why is a passion is to assist others to discover their peace and wholeness; to remember their guidance and intuition; to develop their co-creative power and unique, individual genius. My Why is to use my visionary gifts, training, creativity and experience to co-mentor others to see the world through the lens of the soul; to experience themselves as fully connected and whole. My Why is to generously share what has been given to me, express the soul in every moment, and serve the greater good of the whole. Whether I’m serving individuals, groups or audiences to bring spirit and consciousness to life, I am serving the whole.  Herein lies my joy and fullest expression.

What is your Why? Are you expressing what is at the core of your essential self? Does your Why wake you up every morning and fuel your day with passion? If not, it may be time to ask, “Why?”