Global Unitive Healing

Global Unitive Healing with Elena Mustakova

The way of unity: a path toward an emergent interconnected, cooperative, prosocial world informed by an evolutionary leap of consciousness; a path of personal and collective transformation that leads us through the heart. Can the way of unity heal lives and nations in an ailing world? Author, Elena Mustakova, lays out the great universal and unifying spiritual principles and scientific breakthroughs that weave an integral pathway toward a world of wholeness and holiness; a world transformed by both personal and planetary healing.

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Dr. Elena Mustakova, psychologist, educator, counselor, writer, social scientist, and former professor in adult developmental psychology, focuses her work on fostering the transformation of consciousness to meet the challenges of a planetary age. She is the author of Critical Consciousness and senior editor of Toward a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global Era and has received academic recognition for her scholarship on the development of moral consciousness and the rethinking of psychology to address the spiritual and social needs of our times. She is a member of the Sustainable Development Goals Thought Leaders Circle , and President and Co-Founder of Foundation for Virtues and Social Health. Her recent book, Global Unitive Healing: Integral Skills for Personal and Collective Transformation, has been called “a hymn to collective sanity”, offering “potent and wise medicine for our time.” Her dedication is to the spiritual empowerment of individuals and communities toward a just, united, and peaceful planet.