Trust and Surrender in Planetary Chaos

Trust and Surrender in Planetary Chaos with Sherryl Lin

If you have ever done a “trust fall” exercise, you know that it requires you to surrender on many levels. As you prepare to fall back into the arms of the person or people who have agreed to catch you, your mind wonders, “Are they strong enough to catch me? What if I fall on the ground? What if I can’t let go because I’m too scared?” We are in an epic trust fall right now on the planet! Many have foreseen the chaos that is stirring up around us and warned that we would have some tough times as we release all that is no longer serving humanity. We are being called to trust like never before. Trust in the unseen forces and trust ourselves. Trust that this is all happening for a reason and unfolding perfectly, even when it doesn’t appear that way on the surface. Today we’ll talk about how to build our trust and learn how to surrender with Sherryl Lin.

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Sherryl Lin is a Medical Intuitive and Cosmic Conduit who uses powerful, divinely-guided healing techniques to bring your physical body into balance. As a Medical Intuitive, Sherryl Lin not only sees what is physically out of balance in the body, giving recommendations, but in most instances is able to make adjustments, repairs and do non-invasive techniques when it is called for. Sherryl Lin also assisting you to clear blocks, transmute energy, transform old patterns and clear your channel so that you can tune in more easily and consistently to higher levels of consciousness.

Gone With the Wind!

Gone With the Wind! Six Practices to Develop Inner Guidance

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I was sitting in the car near the University of Illinois at Chicago, when I saw this cute young woman looking in the grass near the car as if she had lost a diamond ring.  She kept getting really close to the ground and feeling around with her hands.  She moved onto an asphalt parking lot, doing the same thing on her hands and knees.  So I thought she must have been looking for something very small and valuable.  When she came back near the car for the second time, I rolled down the window and asked her what she was looking for. She helplessly said, “MY GLASSES!” The wind was blowing so hard in Chicago that it literally blew them right off of her head and they went flying! The poor young woman could not see well enough to find them.

The winds were something terrible that sunny October day in the Windy City.  The news reported sustained winds of 40 miles per hour and the unusual weather system produced gusts of up to 81 mph, snapping trees and power lines, ripping off roofs, and taking a helpless young woman’s glasses and launching them into the concrete abyss of the city.  The strange weather system mesmerized meteorologists because of its size and because it’s barometric pressure was similar to a Category 3 hurricane.  It mesmerized her and I as we joined forces to look for the glasses.

We looked for nearly 20 minutes along the whole city block and they were nowhere to be found.  She had to leave to go tutor a student in the speech lab and sadly knew she couldn’t drive home without her glasses.  Losing your glasses can be disabling.  I decided to keep looking and told her I would put them under her windshield wiper if I found them.  I found an empty cigarette lighter near where she lost the glasses and dropped it shoulder height to see which direction it would go.  It sailed for 1/2 a city block before it rolled to a stop. I decided to head in that direction.  I walked down to the next block and took a stick to move all the piles of leaves as I came across them.  Surely, the glasses would have taken the same path of the leaves and the empty lighter.  Nope.

After a diligent search, I went back to the car to finish writing the report I was working on.  When she returned, she said she called her boyfriend for a ride since she couldn’t see to drive.  With curious hope, we both decided to look again, one more time, while she was waiting for her boyfriend.   We discussed how scratched up they would probably be if we did find them. I headed north, went across the street, and circled back with the leaves again.  She went back to the asphalt parking lot with her limited vision and her hands reaching out to “feel” her way around.  She found them!  They were stuck in a chain link fence a half a block away from where they had launched. And, they were not scratched!  She could see again, and could drive home with a funny true story to tell her family and friends.

I love this story. If that was me losing my glasses downtown in the big “Windy City,” I would have been in big trouble. Sometimes when the Spirit moves through our lives it can be like hurricane-force winds that leave us feeling helpless, disoriented, scared, and unable to clearly SEE our way. Yet, Spirit is always right there to guide and assist if we have faith and stay present.  I had the better vision that day as we searched for the spectacles.  However, she was the one led to find them with her limited vision, reaching hands, and blind faith.

A dictionary definition of blind faith is “belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.”  Blind faith isn’t necessarily blind when we understand how to tune into our inner, spiritual guidance and intuition.  I like to say intuition is like seeing with your soul.  The ability to trust this different way of knowing starts with the practice of mindfulness and present moment awareness.  Listen with your soul.  Breathe.  Relax.  Stay present.  Look within.  Be still.  Welcome the mystery and learn to live in the questions.  There are as many different expressions of intuition and guidance as there are individuals.  And there are as many ways to learn an effective practice.  One must find what feels resonant and develop commitment and discipline.  Here are six simple practices you can start with:

1.  Tune into your body sensations and “gut” reactions.  Some people filter their intuitive guidance through physical sensations and the body.  When you get a hunch, “Go with your gut.”

2.  Tune into your heart, feelings and emotions.  Some filter intuitive guidance through emotions and the qualitative experience of feeling.  Open expansive feelings usually mean something different from that of constrictive narrowing.  When tuning into your heart, you tune out the distractions of the rational, logical mind.  What do you feel?  “Follow your heart.”

3.  Tune into the still small voice.  Some discern spiritual guidance by developing and understanding the difference between egoic self-talk and the still small voice.  Egoic self-talk usually comes from the place of fear, separation, self-preservation, competition, comparison and judgement.  The still small voice of spirit guides from the place of unity, love and the greater good of the whole.  Start with quiet prayer, meditation and contemplative practices.  Be still and know.

4.  Tune into signs and symbols.  Some develop a sophisticated guidance language based in signs and symbols. When you live in the question, guidance appears on your path in a variety of ways.  People, conversation, words, numbers, music, images, and symbols can present literally, and/or intuitively.  Pay attention.

5.  Tune into your dreams and visions.  Some develop dependable guidance by harnessing the language of dreams and visions.  Access to the subconscious and unconscious mind can occur when the conscious mind is quiet during sleep and meditation.  Again, this is another language of signs, symbols, and emotions.  Sweet dreams.

6.  Tune into nature and animals.  Some develop guidance through communion with nature and/or animals.  Many patterns and possibilities exist in the natural world.  If you feel called to nature, ground your practice in connection to the earth and natural world.  Tune into plants and animals.  Connect with your pets and pay attention to wild birds and animals.  Become one with nature.

Universal intelligence is in all living things. Connect.  Listen.  Trust.

We are living in a time of expanded consciousness and amazing global shifts.  We are stepping into the fullness of who we are and taking responsibility for our health and quality of life, discovering the resources we have within as we connect with Creator, creation, community, and our own divine essence.  This is not an abstract idea, but a calling for all who are committed to practice unification.  We are divine essence in human form becoming spiritual change agents in the world.  Tune in and trust.  Even gale-force winds may be a source of guidance for you.

A World of Love,


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Love Thy Neighbor

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“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” ~ Judaism

“A new commandment I give to you. That you love one another; even as I have loved you… By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
~ Christianity

“A man obtains a proper rule of action by looking on his neighbor as himself.” ~ Hinduism

“Full of love for all things in the world, practicing virtue in order to benefit others, this man alone is happy.” ~ Buddhism

“Seek to be in harmony with all your neighbors, live in amity with your brethren.”
~ Confucianism

“No one is a believer until he loves for his neighbor, and for his brother, what he loves for himself.” ~ Islam

All We Need is Love

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“All we need is love,” instructs John Lennon’s famous lyrics.  The sentiment is incredibly moving today as we enter this holiday season as well as this pivotal time in history.  Love is a unifying force that can improve the quality of life on earth, ignite planetary healing, and create global oneness.

There are many definitions of love, but let’s discuss the universal, altruistic love that is shared by most faith-based organizations.  Love is central to many religions, as in the phrase, “God is Love.”  Love is the ultimate grace and blessing where most do see eye to eye.  This love is a divine link that can bind us together and the redeeming force that can reconcile the hearts of humanity.

In the Bahá’í faith, love is the light that guides in the darkness, the living link that unites God with man, that force that assures the progress of every illumined soul.  Bahá’í’s believe love reveals, with unfailing and limitless power, the mysteries latent in the universe.

The Dalai Lama said, “Love, compassion and tolerance are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”  In Buddhism, love is unconditional and requires considerable self-acceptance. They believe this is quite different from “ordinary” love, which is usually about attachment and rarely occurs without self-interest. Instead, it refers to detachment and unselfish interest in the welfare of others.

In the Jewish tradition followers are encouraged to show mercy, love, and compassion to their brother and, as the Torah commands, love God “with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.”  In the Christian faith, there are numerous references from “love your enemies” to the greatest commandment: love one another.  It is said, “God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.”

Sufism explains the essence of God as love and the Sufi path is a path of love.  Love is to see what is good and beautiful in everything.  The aim is to be accepted as a lover by the Beloved God.  Love encompasses the Islamic view of life as universal brotherhood that applies to all who hold faith.

Love is an inter-faith, universal virtue.  This magnificent and beautiful imperative is swelling and pulsing within the hearts of humanity.  There is a collective awakening stirring within us and contributing to a global shift in consciousness.  The conclusion?  We are ONE.  Therefore, love ONE another.

Be a part of the global shift.  From, and through, the love of your divine source, start with yourself.  This love is a critical key to healing the planet.  Self-acceptance and unconditional love for oneself is foundational.  You cannot love God or others completely without loving yourself first.  It doesn’t work that way.   In loving yourself completely, you will activate a healing resonance greater than yourself and prepare the way for all other love.

love yourself

Rumi wrote,  “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Love yourself and you open the floodgates for universal, altruistic love to permeate every cell of your being and every corner of the universe.  You pave the way to “Love your enemies.”

There’s a visceral yearning inside each of us to love.  Take a few minutes everyday and focus on universal love with the intention of increasing your energetic field of love.  Breathe into your heart and allow it to expand… open… and guide you. Direct your attention to your heart and rest in the awareness of universal LOVE.

Next, imagine sending love to your loved ones, neighbors, community, and expand this field of love to all beings on our planet.  Include all races, religions, and those different from you.  And, yes, include any “enemies” you may have.  This powerful intention will assist you to embody universal love.  And, there’s another benefit to this practice:  all sacred wisdom and guidance comes from this place!  You are building your soul’s navigation system.

“All we need is love!”  Today is a great day to allow your heart to embrace this world with all its amazing beauty, diversity, and need.  We are called to deeply love those who are different from ourselves.  It’s time to break down the walls that divide us, love one another, and BE in the heart of God.  Kahlil Gibran, writes, “When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of God.”  Come join in the co-creative path of love… I’ll meet you in the heart of God where we will unite and ignite loving peace on earth!