The New (Post Pandemic) Normal is Regenerative

The New (Post Pandemic) Normal is Regenerative with Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm

The world won’t go back to normal. That normal wasn’t working. The New World calls for evolved leadership—a regenerative leadership—based on the Logic of Life and rooted in the wisdom of nature. This new regenerative paradigm is about becoming more creative, authentic, purposeful, compassionate, and more in tune with life—the life within us and the life all around us. Join authors Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm in this enlightened conversation.

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Giles Hutchins is a pioneering practitioner, keynote speaker, adviser and executive coach at the fore-front of a [r]evolution in leadership consciousness and organizational development.  He applies consciousness raising modalities, deep-dive nature immersions, embodiment work, ancient wisdom tradition insights, future-fit organizational development approaches, and cutting-edge research on leadership consciousness. In these transformational times, Giles Hutchins stimulates the head-space and heart-knowing for forward-leaning leaders and organizations to become vibrant, purposeful and future-fit.  He is author of four books … and the most recent with co-author Laura Storm, is Regenerative Leadership: the DNA of life-affirming 21st century organizations.


Laura Storm is the Founder of Regenerators and has spent her entire career working in the intersection between organizational development, sustainability, climate change policy and innovation. She has started and led multiple international organizations focused on the global transformation to sustainability – including Copenhagen Climate Council and Sustainia. She has been awarded the title “Worldchanger” by Greenbiz, named one of the 30 leading women within sustainability and regeneration by Sustainable Brands, is selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, a World Economic Forum Sustainability Expert and serves on many Boards. She co-authored the much-praised book Regenerative Leadership – the DNA of life-affirming 21st century organisations.