Comedic Activism

Comedic Activism with Brent Bishop

Are you ready for a positive, creative approach to the barrage of troubling events and negative news? Just Sayin’! is a comedic Public Service Announcement series created by writer/director Brent Bishop, featuring actors, comedians, athletes, and public figures speaking out on the issues that matter most to them. Here’s a fun alternative that gets the message out about equality, justice, care for the environment and more.

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On this episode:

The illusion of seperation 3:00

Every voice matters 8:25

Calls to action 16:45

Simple engagement 20:30

Having fun while making change 28:10

Finding artists and building community 32:40

Changing hearts and minds 41:30

Playing to your strengths 48:40

Brent_Bishop_170788131.jpgBrent Bishop is an LA-based film director and animator. His work merges beautiful visuals with humor and positive messages. He is the director/creator of the new Just Sayin’! Comedic PSA series in which comedians, actors, athletes, and public figures speak out on the issues closest to their hearts.