Healing the Divide

Healing the Divide for a Transformed Tomorrow with Sharita Star

Stop, pause, and take a SILENT LISTEN in 2022 and 2023. We’re entering a time of great transition. Looking at the astrology and numerology of the coming era, Sharita Star says mastering the value of compassion is the prescription for navigating the new energies. You are invited to consciously hospice the old while you midwife the new. Collectively, we mustn’t get spiritually lazy. Harmony, balance, and justice will prevail as we come together to heal the divide.

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Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker Sharita Star has one mission as she sees patterns of energy and cycles through the three star secrets of astrology, numerology and lexigrams: to attain your soul certainty in uncertain times. Coined as a “Psychic of the Planets,” Sharita distinctly sees how our names and birthdays hold our keys to success to enrich our self-knowledge and awareness. A constant student of the planets above, she is a celebrated messenger for our individual journeys down here below. Her in-depth consultations and empowering events guide souls and businesses alike to optimize the many choices our free will can make in order to ordain success and soul certainty during any kind of changing times, and especially uncertain ones.

The founder of Sharita’s Star Secrets in 2001, Sharita equally empowers anyone to understand the forecasting benefits our natural cycles provide for practicing conscious living through her bi-monthly column LunarOScopes, and her one-of-a-kind Mastering Mercury Retrograde workshops. As a TV/Radio personality, Sharita is currently featured weekly on Empower Radio with her Empowerscopes podcast, offering distinct timing is everything advice for personal empowerment. Aside from hosting ‘What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number!’ from 2009 to 2014, she has guest starred and been interviewed on countless radio and TV programs, including CBS Radio, ABC’s Good Morning America, PBS, The Grace Grella Show, and True Talk.

Sharita authored ‘It’s All in the Name,’ a break-through book revealing the fascinating topic of Lexigrams, engaging us to discover the wonders of how we can spell out the truth from our words, names and titles. Her most recent projects find her building a wellness center in upstate New York and working with her Soul Certainty Community on Patreon. Learn more about Attaining Soul Certainty in Uncertain Times to Never Compromise Living Consciously at www.sharitastar.com.