The World We Have Created

The World We Have Created…


“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. If we want to change the world we have to change our thinking… no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew.” ~ Albert Einstein

See The World Anew…

Systems and structures are failing. The world we created with the belief that “we are separate” from Creator, the Cosmos, Earth and all its inhabitants, including ourselves and the rest of Humanity, will no longer sustain us as a species. This mythology, this narrative, the story of separation, does not serve our one planetary body. Our future depends on a fundamental change to a new way of thinking—a whole-systems understanding of the conscious Universe that is more in alignment with the true nature of reality.
Saying that, a deeper level of our multidimensional reality exists beyond our ability to articulate. Once we wake to this reality, once we embody our inherent wholeness and understand ourselves “as consciousness itself” (Dr Jude Currivan), we begin to understand that the future is not fixed and we don’t have to create more of the same.

We Live in a Co-Creative, Responsive World of Possibilities

Let us wake to the truth of who we are and continually deepen our understanding of reality. Let us develop our innate capacity to participate in the unfolding of the conscious Universe and co-create a new healthy world built with heart and wholeness! We’ve got this!

“We don’t have consciousness. We are consciousness.” ~ Jude Currivan

Shamanic Wisdom, Healthy Earth

Shamanic Wisdom, Healthy Earth with Robin Tekwelus Youngblood

Beliefs and principles of indigenous eco and earth-based spirituality have long served to wake humanity to the responsibilities of stewarding a healthy Earth. By honoring the connection between all beings and assisting all creatures to live in balance and harmony, we have the capacity to create whole-systems health. Join Robin Tekwelus Youngblood as we explore the deeper wisdom in Codes for a Healthy Earth.

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Robin has been a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council, which organized multicultural Wisdom Gatherings in several countries. She is also a founding member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, and helps establish Grandmother Circles and Councils wherever she travels.

Since 2012, Robin has circumnavigated the earth three times, sharing teachings and ceremonies. As a graduate of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training, Robin is a Guide for the Wheel of Co-Creation, a method of working with others to co-create sustainable lifestyles that honor Mother Earth and All Our Relations.

You can find Robin at, on Facebook. Robin is author of “Path of the White Wolf, An Introduction to Shamanism” with Sandra D’Entremont, as well as several music CDs. For the last several years, Robin has taught online Shamanic Courses. If interested, please email her at

From Self-Destruction to Inner Peace

From Self-Destruction to Inner Peace with Chris Grosso

Why is it that so many of us end up in this place of constant battle with ourselves, and how can we begin to lay our weapons down and cultivate inner peace? Why do we return to things we know will ultimately destroy us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? After the “tragic beauty” of a near-death relapse, author and addiction expert, Chris Grosso, found himself asking poignant and revelatory questions of some of the brightest luminaries on the planet. Listen to the wisdom…

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Chris Grosso is a youth mental health and healing group facilitator with Newport Academy, public speaker, writer, and author of Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality (Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster), Everything Mind: What I’ve Learned About Hard Knocks, Spiritual Awakening and the Mind-Blowing Truth of it All (Sounds True) and Dead Set On Living: Making the Difficult but Beautiful Journey from F#*cking Up to Waking Up (Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books). He writes for ORIGIN Magazine, Huffington Post, and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, and has spoken and performed at Wanderlust Festival, Celebrate Your Life, Yoga Journal Conference, Sedona World Wisdom Days, Kripalu, Sun Valley Wellness Festival, and more.

Chris is passionate about his work with people who are in the process of healing or struggling with addictions of all kinds. He speaks and leads groups in detoxes, yoga studios, rehabs, youth centers, hospitals, conferences, and festivals worldwide. He is a member of the advisory board for Drugs over Dinner, hosts The Indie Spiritualist Podcast on Ram Dass’s esteemed Be Here Now Network and is a member of The Evolutionary Leaders (a project of The Source of Synergy Foundation).

Connecting with Source Energy

Healing the Whole Self/Connecting with Source Energy with Lars Muhl

What motivates us? How do we create a balance between thoughts, words, and actions? How do we align ourselves in relation to our higher self and become the universal light beings we are meant to be? Lars Muhl will teach us how to shed ego, fear, and blame, and thereby open the gateway so that we may connect and work with source. We’ll focus on a spiritual practice created 2500 years ago by the Essene mystery school. Its purpose is to heal the whole self by connecting each individual with source energy.

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Lars Muhl is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and healer. He is the founder and chairman of the humanitarian organization Hearts and Hands, and together with his wife Githa Ben-David, co-founder of the Gilalai Institute of Energy and Consciousness in Denmark. Lars has been listed as one of Watkins Books’ 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. His books have been translated into 16 languages and consistently feature in the bestseller lists of his native Denmark.

Indigenous Wisdom for Spirit-Based Change

Indigenous Wisdom for Spirit-Based Change with Sherri Mitchell

Indigenous Attorney and Activist, Sherri Mitchell, says we all come into this world with a set of instructions. These instructions guide us toward our highest purpose. They lead us to the essential truths that live deep within us. This truth is encoded in our DNA. It is embedded in our genetic memory. It vibrates within us on a cellular level. Every element of life carries this vibration. Every living being has its own vibrational tone. When these tones are combined, they form the voice of creation. If we learn to listen closely, we can begin to hear that voice and allow it to guide our steps through life. Then we can begin to attune our daily actions with our higher purpose and become who we were meant to be.

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Sherri Mitchell was born and raised on the Penobscot Indian reservation. She received her Juris Doctorate and a Certificate in Indigenous People’s Law and Policy from the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law. She is an alumna of the American Indian Ambassador program, and the Udall Native American Congressional Internship program. She is the Founding Director of the Land Peace Foundation, an organization dedicated to the global protection of indigenous rights and the preservation of the Indigenous way of life. Sherri has been deeply committed to cultivating and renewing the traditional and ceremonial practices of her people. She has worked in many capacities over the past 30 years helping to highlight and advance the position of Wabanaki peoples. Sherri has been a longtime advisor to the American Indian Institute’s Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth and was a program coordinator for their Healing the Future Program. Sherri is also the co-host of Love (and revolution) Radio, a syndicated radio program that highlights stories of heart-based activism and revolutionary spiritual change.  She is the author of Sacred Instructions.

Messages from the Divine

Messages from the Divine with Sara Wiseman

What happens in one’s life when he or she breaks through the illusion of death, having a near death experience? For Sara Wiseman, a sudden opening of consciousness occurred. It was the start of a profound and transformative journey, allowing her natural psychic abilities to fully manifest. Now, seeing beyond the veil, she brings Messages from the Divine.

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Sara Wiseman is both a spiritual teacher and an author, and has reached tens of thousands of students worldwide through her books, courses, podcasts, blog and music. In addition to being a top contributor on DailyOM, Sara is also the founder of Intuition University, hosts the popular podcasts, “Ask Sara” and “Spiritual Psychic” (over 1.7 million listeners), and writes the Daily Divine blog. She has produced four award-winning music albums with her band, Martyrs of Sound. She lives in Oregon with her family. She is the author of Messages from the Divine.

Expressing the Sacred Feminine

Expressing the Sacred Feminine with MiraMichelle

The rise of the feminine voice is accelerating on our planet. We are witnessing women stepping up to lead a new way of being and relating in relationship to all things. Some say it’s the divine or sacred feminine rising and this movement has great value to our world and collective healing. How can both men and women tap into the flow of this creative intelligence and force for good? Listen in as MiraMichelle and Dr. Julie muse into the topic.


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MiraMichelle was born to an English mother and an African-American/Native American Indian father, she was raised in two distinctly different cultures and this reality has given her a great ability to understand, appreciate and to assimilate with different cultures.

Her exploration of consciousness began at age 19 with an intensive 5 year training in meditation and energetic healing. She spent another five years in meditation training with the light head ascended master Yogananda Paramahansa, studied and practiced the ancient Goddess traditions and has been taught by a Native American Shaman and Chief of The Sun Dance Society. Rediscovering her Native American and Celtic ancestral lines played a major role in the empowerment of her healing and ceremonial abilities.

After traveling and experiencing different cultures Mira began to study anthropology. She is honored to be advised by author Gerhard Bott (Die Erfindung der Götter) in the cultures of the Matrifocal societies of the Paleolithic era.

Mira feels she is here to inspire the awakening of self-discovery and is a writer of the Sacred Female Rising booklet and the forecoming book ‘Sacred Ceremonies for Everyday – The Ancient Art of Ceremony Meets the Contemporary Science of the Quantum Age‘.

She is also a trained quantum shamanic healer and facilitator of ritual and ceremony with over 20 years experience. Mira has been a professional actress and an executive English coach.

Mira founded the Sacred Female Rising Institute in 2008 and has a B.A. degree in Communications and Psychology.

Rest as Restorative

Rest as Restorative for Ourselves and Our Planet with Shelley Ostroff

What would happen if we joined hearts with people around the world to connect in stillness, compassion, and dedicated action for intentional planetary healing? Imagine a thriving world where we all mindfully take time to rest, remove stress, noise, and toxins from our lives. Now is that time! Shelley Ostroff invites us to take “7 Days of Rest” to realign our hearts with each other and with the loving intelligence and order of nature.


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Distressed by the suffering humans are causing to each other, animals and the planet, Shelley spent many years learning about integrative pathways for local and global health and vitality. After exploring processes that impact individual and system vitality, she developed a holistic approach that draws on a broad range of experience in different countries and traditions.   The holistic approach addresses some of the damaging consequences of assumptions that currently drive social organization. It integrates insight from complementary disciplines and offers conceptual and practical frameworks for nourishing vitality of people and planet.

Resilience for the Global Dark Night

Resilience for the Global Dark Night with Andrew Harvey

From ecological destruction and economic uncertainty, to political chaos and systems breakdown, to a mass surfacing of high profile individual and collective shadow, our world is experiencing challenging times and darkness envelops us everywhere. These times not only call for innovative science and conscious leadership, but a return to Source and a reconnection with Self, Others, and the Earth. Join Andrew Harvey as we talk about living resiliently through the Dark Night of the Globe.

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Andrew Harvey is the Founder and Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability. Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants.  Andrew is the co-author of the new book, Savage Grace.

Gone With the Wind!

Gone With the Wind! Six Practices to Develop Inner Guidance

glasses big eyes

I was sitting in the car near the University of Illinois at Chicago, when I saw this cute young woman looking in the grass near the car as if she had lost a diamond ring.  She kept getting really close to the ground and feeling around with her hands.  She moved onto an asphalt parking lot, doing the same thing on her hands and knees.  So I thought she must have been looking for something very small and valuable.  When she came back near the car for the second time, I rolled down the window and asked her what she was looking for. She helplessly said, “MY GLASSES!” The wind was blowing so hard in Chicago that it literally blew them right off of her head and they went flying! The poor young woman could not see well enough to find them.

The winds were something terrible that sunny October day in the Windy City.  The news reported sustained winds of 40 miles per hour and the unusual weather system produced gusts of up to 81 mph, snapping trees and power lines, ripping off roofs, and taking a helpless young woman’s glasses and launching them into the concrete abyss of the city.  The strange weather system mesmerized meteorologists because of its size and because it’s barometric pressure was similar to a Category 3 hurricane.  It mesmerized her and I as we joined forces to look for the glasses.

We looked for nearly 20 minutes along the whole city block and they were nowhere to be found.  She had to leave to go tutor a student in the speech lab and sadly knew she couldn’t drive home without her glasses.  Losing your glasses can be disabling.  I decided to keep looking and told her I would put them under her windshield wiper if I found them.  I found an empty cigarette lighter near where she lost the glasses and dropped it shoulder height to see which direction it would go.  It sailed for 1/2 a city block before it rolled to a stop. I decided to head in that direction.  I walked down to the next block and took a stick to move all the piles of leaves as I came across them.  Surely, the glasses would have taken the same path of the leaves and the empty lighter.  Nope.

After a diligent search, I went back to the car to finish writing the report I was working on.  When she returned, she said she called her boyfriend for a ride since she couldn’t see to drive.  With curious hope, we both decided to look again, one more time, while she was waiting for her boyfriend.   We discussed how scratched up they would probably be if we did find them. I headed north, went across the street, and circled back with the leaves again.  She went back to the asphalt parking lot with her limited vision and her hands reaching out to “feel” her way around.  She found them!  They were stuck in a chain link fence a half a block away from where they had launched. And, they were not scratched!  She could see again, and could drive home with a funny true story to tell her family and friends.

I love this story. If that was me losing my glasses downtown in the big “Windy City,” I would have been in big trouble. Sometimes when the Spirit moves through our lives it can be like hurricane-force winds that leave us feeling helpless, disoriented, scared, and unable to clearly SEE our way. Yet, Spirit is always right there to guide and assist if we have faith and stay present.  I had the better vision that day as we searched for the spectacles.  However, she was the one led to find them with her limited vision, reaching hands, and blind faith.

A dictionary definition of blind faith is “belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.”  Blind faith isn’t necessarily blind when we understand how to tune into our inner, spiritual guidance and intuition.  I like to say intuition is like seeing with your soul.  The ability to trust this different way of knowing starts with the practice of mindfulness and present moment awareness.  Listen with your soul.  Breathe.  Relax.  Stay present.  Look within.  Be still.  Welcome the mystery and learn to live in the questions.  There are as many different expressions of intuition and guidance as there are individuals.  And there are as many ways to learn an effective practice.  One must find what feels resonant and develop commitment and discipline.  Here are six simple practices you can start with:

1.  Tune into your body sensations and “gut” reactions.  Some people filter their intuitive guidance through physical sensations and the body.  When you get a hunch, “Go with your gut.”

2.  Tune into your heart, feelings and emotions.  Some filter intuitive guidance through emotions and the qualitative experience of feeling.  Open expansive feelings usually mean something different from that of constrictive narrowing.  When tuning into your heart, you tune out the distractions of the rational, logical mind.  What do you feel?  “Follow your heart.”

3.  Tune into the still small voice.  Some discern spiritual guidance by developing and understanding the difference between egoic self-talk and the still small voice.  Egoic self-talk usually comes from the place of fear, separation, self-preservation, competition, comparison and judgement.  The still small voice of spirit guides from the place of unity, love and the greater good of the whole.  Start with quiet prayer, meditation and contemplative practices.  Be still and know.

4.  Tune into signs and symbols.  Some develop a sophisticated guidance language based in signs and symbols. When you live in the question, guidance appears on your path in a variety of ways.  People, conversation, words, numbers, music, images, and symbols can present literally, and/or intuitively.  Pay attention.

5.  Tune into your dreams and visions.  Some develop dependable guidance by harnessing the language of dreams and visions.  Access to the subconscious and unconscious mind can occur when the conscious mind is quiet during sleep and meditation.  Again, this is another language of signs, symbols, and emotions.  Sweet dreams.

6.  Tune into nature and animals.  Some develop guidance through communion with nature and/or animals.  Many patterns and possibilities exist in the natural world.  If you feel called to nature, ground your practice in connection to the earth and natural world.  Tune into plants and animals.  Connect with your pets and pay attention to wild birds and animals.  Become one with nature.

Universal intelligence is in all living things. Connect.  Listen.  Trust.

We are living in a time of expanded consciousness and amazing global shifts.  We are stepping into the fullness of who we are and taking responsibility for our health and quality of life, discovering the resources we have within as we connect with Creator, creation, community, and our own divine essence.  This is not an abstract idea, but a calling for all who are committed to practice unification.  We are divine essence in human form becoming spiritual change agents in the world.  Tune in and trust.  Even gale-force winds may be a source of guidance for you.

A World of Love,


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